Kenwood Chefette Hand & Stand Mixer

  • 2022

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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Kenwood Limited

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United Kingdom

The iconic Kenwood Chefette hand and stand mixer has had a sleek new makeover and includes a host of new features. It’s a no compromise baking companion for smaller kitchens and bakers who don’t yet require a larger mixer, but who crave the convenience of a combined bowl.

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  • The new Chefette compliments our newly designed and released Chef Range of stand mixers. Designers used a platform approach across all product portfolios in the Baking Category, including hand and stand mixers. Taking individual products to a family approach. Value analysis research was conducted to identify what users care about at all the different stages throughout their baking journey. The overarching objectives were to strengthen Kenwood’s authority in the baking category and for the Chefette specifically, leveraging the design identity from the Chef Range to build authority and entice consumers to start their baking journey.

  • The value analysis research identified & qualified what bakers cared about and designers were able to bring these to life creating desirability through developing baker relevant features. The Chefette design provides an enhanced user experience and holds true to the iconic Kenwood ‘C’ shape. Essential to its design success was to ensure simplicity in use, ergonomics, auditory impact and superior performance. Developing a hybrid kitchen appliance, compact in size while consisting of the latest innovations, effortless performance with an eye-catching aesthetic. The Chefette is the ultimate hand & stand mixer for baking enthusiast.

  • Kenwood is an expert in food preparation products, combining a deep love of good food with a complete understanding of how people like to cook and eat. It’s with this expertise that has led to the design of the Chefette, starting culinary devotees on their baking journey, giving them confidence to imagine, learn and create. This new design enhances the Kenwood range, expanding new market opportunities to Kenwood. The R&D investment in new technology platforms is being leveraged across the full mixing category to maximize the ROI.

  • Dual Purpose Baking; the flexibility of the Chefette is one of its standout features. The freedom of a hand mixer which can be used in a bowl of your choosing, or with the convenience of a bowl fitted to a stand that will keep beating, whisking or kneading while you prep other ingredients. Powerful 650W DC Motor; ensures you can power through larger and heavier mixes. Lightweight Design; makes even the longer mixes a pleasure. Quieter Motor; allows users to iindulge in their baking passion whenever inspiration strikes thanks to the quiet motor. SureEject™ Tool Release; minimizes accidental beater ejection, ensuring no surprises in the middle of mixing. Slow Speed Start; keeps your ingredients in bowl and reduce mess, enhancing your baking experience. Variable Speeds + Pulse; Provides precise control and a burst of instant power when you need it. Integrated Cord Wrap; for quick and easy storage. SureGrip™ Handle; for effortless operation and comfort.