Kenwood Chef SENSE

  • 2015

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • Kenwood KDO

Commissioned By:

Kenwood Ltd

Designed In:

United Kingdom

The new Chef Sense introduces the latest innovation from Kenwood. It has been completely re-designed and re-engineered to deliver exceptional performance, making light work of all mixing tasks. It brings a new intelligent electronic ‘sense’ control to achieve perfect mixing every time. The all metal body, gears and motor of this machine work together to ensure smooth and reliable mixing. With three power outlets and a large choice of attachments, this machine has all the everyday power and versatility to make light work of kneading heavy dough and mixing complex ingredients at speed. The Kenwood Chef Sense is a premium kitchen machine with power and versatility in mind. Featuring unique planetary mixing action, three power outlets and over 20 optional attachments, it delivers exceptional performance in mixing, kneading and whisking The stainless steel mixing bowl with internal graduations and side handles provides practicality and convenience.

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  • The new illuminated push button control will gradually increase the speed from soft start to full speed allowing total user control. This means it will provide more torque or turning force when required at any speedm selected. The motor also uses load sensing technology to prevent overheating allowing batch mixing.Fold and pulse are also offered and clearly identified. The Chef Sense also incorporates an energy saving mode. The control dial illuminates when pushed to switch on the power and if the machine is not used within 30 minutes of being switched on it will go into sleep mode to save energy.

  • The focus of the Chef Sense has been on improving the user experience. In light of this, we have changed the slow speed outlet system in order to make fitting on attachment more user friendly and intuitive. Easier and quicker, twist fit system to fit slow speed attachments. Plug in and twist to lock into place.

  • 5 dedicated bowl tools for all baking needscombined with total mix planetary action give perfect results every time. Graduations in the bowl mean there's no additional cleaning as ingredients can be measured straight into the bowl.The duo finish bowl includes internal graduations so ingredients can be measured directly in the bowl and the handles provide an easy grip when removing the bowl from the machine. Equipped with five bowl tools including a creaming beater, folding tool, k-beater, dough tool and balloon whisk. As well as offering over 20 optional attachments that allows you to create more with Kenwood. Offering a high level of user versatility. The Chef SENSE includes a "uniquely" devleoped folding tool. The folding tool gently glides through the mixture incorporating heavy ingredients into light aerated ingredients, whilst maintaining the maximum amount of air for theperfect texture.

  • We have improved two key attachments: The blender: comes with new Multi-ZoneTM blades and stir stick for perfect blending. The optional food processor: comes with a new drive connection to fit to the high speed outlet.

    The slide on TritanTM BPA free and shatterproof splashguard is easy to fit during the mixing process should it be needed and the extra wide chute allows ingredients to be added without stopping. This makes it much eaiser for the consumer to take the slaphguard on and off depending on use. Tritan also ensures that the splahsguard maintains its lustre and shine for longer periods of use but also gives clear visibility into the mixing bowl.

    Easy to access the head can be opened and locked back into position with a simple touch. Security interlocked to cut the power to the motor automatically when opened. Security interlock stops the Chef SENSE automatically if the head is lifted when switched on.