• 2020

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Frost*collective
  • Creative Director: Anthony Donovan
  • Strategist: Lisa Mathews
  • Designer: Andrew Suggit

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KeepCup has a strong and sincere mission, with sustainability at the heart of everything it does. In this crowded market, it was essential for Frost* to build on the brand’s iconic design and acknowledge its commitment to addressing the climate emergency.

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  • As a sustainable brand, you might ask why add packaging? The project came about because KeepCup was experiencing significant glass breakage, so we needed to design packaging that made it more durable when shipped, while being as sustainable as possible. While finding the most sustainable stocks and inks, we also needed to ensure the cost of goods was the same as the previous solution. In addition, to enable the brand’s product range to grow, we needed to define a strong range architecture and visual system that unified the range, while allowing the individual products to be clearly recognised.

  • Retaining the brand’s simple, honest and playful approach to a serious issue, we used KeepCup’s iconic brand asset (its name) to hero the product and break through the noise of competition. There’s a lot more to overcoming waste and empowering people on more ethical choices is key. The packaging architecture allowed for a strong wrap around design to clearly convey key messaging and hero the revised brand CTA: “This is the cup that started the reuse revolution. Made to be loved and looked after. Use it and join the movement. Reuse it and change the world. Don’t waste today.”

  • “We engaged Frost* for its robust approach to design, packaging and the sustainability ethos that’s at the heart of our business. The new packaging delivers on the brief by boldly reclaiming our brand name from the category and distilling ten years into a punchy brand story that covers our love of design and enjoyment of great drinks, with a call to action for an inclusive and responsible approach to the climate emergency. Don’t waste today.” Abigail Forsyth, Managing Director, KeepCup

  • To ensure ease of navigation and assure the Brew range is well protected (to minimise product breakage and waste), we created bespoke product line illustrations to clearly display the product features on the back of pack, re-enforcing the product features feasible through the packaging cut away.