John Lewis Professional Plus Wave

  • 2015

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Seymourpowell

Commissioned By:

John Lewis

Designed In:

United Kingdom

John Lewis wanted to innovate products for the home and create a range to make everyday life more enjoyable. The result blended the functionality you would expect “will it make my life better” with aesthetics and expression “how will it be part of my life”. Using core design principles ‘Wave’ understands how people use the product and how previous products had failed. Key to this was the straining lid, acting not only as a variable ventilation system but also easy draining. Straining of liquid in conventional pans has traditionally been cumbersome and dangerous. We wanted to eliminate this whilst adding to the overall design appeal. The end result – an inspiring range that did exactly what was expected, better

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  • Each pan has a hollow cast stainless steel handle shaped for ergonomic use. Designed especially to suit different cooking needs the body is crafted from non-stick coated aluminium that heats quickly with even heat distribution. Featuring an ergonomic riveted handle that stays cool to the touch 'Wave' remains dishwasher and oven safe whilst understanding its principle use. The unique lid and base connection, allows for easy straining if required and fully sealed cooking environment when needed. Its unique shape retains the moisture created within the pan. The shape alone sets new standards in shaping technology and differentiates it from other cookware creating instantly impactful shelf recognition.