iO Horus

  • 2022

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Maker Design Studio

Designed In:

New Zealand

From the Egyptian myth where Horus is a Falcon-God who’s eye was damaged in a feud, the Eye of Horus is a well-known symbol representing Protection, Healing and Restoration – fitting themes for our time. The iO Horus pendant derives its unique form from this ancient symbol. L1700mm x H300mm

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  • To bring a sculptural addition to our existing range that will act as a visually impressive and 'welcoming' piece in its own right while also possessing a metaphorical content, adding story and conversation opportunity to its environment. This was an important goal for this light as it was primarily conceived for placement over a dining table, reception or meeting area where it would serve to ease the atmosphere, relax and inspire. In keeping with our wider goal of sustainability, materials and packaging were to be of minimal impact to the environment.

  • The symbol and Myth of the Eye of Horus combined to fulfil both sculpture and story to the final form of this light. Its inherent elongated shape was perfect for distributing light over the intended locations. The challenge of inferring 'Eye' as opposed to 'an ellipse' afforded the opportunity to incorporate new and interesting detail. The decision was made to leave each end tantalisingly open, and the two halves off-set, lending an eye-like asymmetry and adding visual intrigue. The use of natural materials and packaging is in empathy with the myth-symbol and leads us to a highly sustainable product.

  • Incorporating our signature iO theme of vertically arranged fins and lantern-like diffuser, this design is widely considered to be enduring, with the potential to become iconic. As such It has the potential to inspire and provide a benchmark in lighting design. Beauty has the power to raise our experience of environment and positively impact on mood. The employment of natural materials and packaging yield a sustainable design. This new addition will garner new attention for the range, especially in newer markets such as Australia where significant future growth is anticipated. The product is an exemplar of boutique design and manufacture.

  • The off-set ends extend beyond the the diffuser, leaving a short length of 'naked' fins. In combination with the slight asymmetry and the recurved and open ends of the shade, a sense of un-resolved intrigue is imparted.