Inverse Hair Conditioning System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Design Director: Timothy Allan
  • Design Team: Michael Peterson, Jono Jones, Simon Crane, Robin Lyttle, Krissi Mills, Caroline Noordijk, Blythe Rees-Jones
  • Contributors: David Roe, Dr. Stewart Collie, Leon Daly, Daryl French, Tracey Swinehart

Commissioned By:

Roholm Ltd

Designed In:

New Zealand

The Inverse Hair Conditioning System is a world first. It uses sub zero temperature to lock in moisture, keeping hair irresistibly healthy while making it soft and smooth with great shine and definition.

The more you use Inverse, the better the results.


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  • MORE
  • Where would we hide them? It's pretty simple really. Just ice and super smart technology. Unlike other conditioning treatments, Inverse doesn't use nasty chemicals that coat or modify your hair. Enjoy the soothing, chemical-free way to naturally healthy hair.

  • Heat damage, vamoose! Launch a love affair with ice and condition your hair from the inside out. The cold plates can be placed on any surface, no protective pad needed. The patented Inverse device has been specially designed for maximum temperature transfer performance, while keeping the cold off your hands and moisture in your hair.

  • No more cord rage! With no electronic components, you can use Inverse to condition your hair any time, anywhere, even in the shower. The limits that come with a power cord don't apply to Inverse, giving you freedom within your hair conditioning routine.

  • Ditch the clutter and gunk. Inverse Ice Cores are filled with a secret, all-natural solution that freezes to the perfect temperature for conditioning your hair, in a new, better way that only ice can. Leave the conditioner at the store and get naturally gorgeous hair without the spills, frills and big bills.

    High temperatures remove the moisture in your hair, stripping the goodness needed to keep it strong and healthy. Inverse nourishes your hair from within, locking moisture deep inside each strand, keeping it in a beautiful, silky-smooth, healthy state for longer.

    Damaged, lifeless hair can be difficult to restore to health - using sub-zero temperatures, Inverse can help restore your hair's natural lustre. Inverse repairs and strengthens your hair at a micro level, giving you healthy hair from the inside out. Stronger, healthier hair means less breakage, it's that simple. Unlike hot tongs, the more you use Inverse, the better the results.