International Towers Digital Experience

  • 2019

  • Digital

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International Towers

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International Towers has pioneered an innovative solution to delivering accessibility, connectivity, diversity and inclusiveness across the Barangaroo precinct – creating an Australian-first, digital, estate management ecosystem, full deck coverage from cultural awareness training to hyper-personal workplace services including recognition and skilling, for a community of over 20,000 occupiers and visitors.

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  • One of the greatest challenges for organisations is efficiently communicating with their people, and creating effective tools to improve performance and the workplace experience. Multiple content types must be disseminated daily, including health and safety, operations, emergency announcements, education and news. Organisations currently utilise a combination of online and off-line tools - websites, portals, apps, intranets, newsletters and email - complimented with hardware such as access cards for lifts and non-public workspaces. The challenge was to create a digital platform that would act as a single portal for all content relating not only to the organisation, but to the wider public domain.

  • International Towers Digital Experience is a singular tool designed to facilitate relationships and interactions between people, place, process and performance. Allows property managers to efficiently provide services and information throughout an organisation, or to the entire building and precinct via a single digital tool, accessible on desktop or mobile. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems to open the platform to third party engagement. Uses common design patterns to reduce learning curve, and industry-leading accessibility features for the visually impaired to comply with international standards. Utilitarian and invisible, the platform places absolute priority on user-experience and functionality.

  • The design solves the issue of "information clutter" by delivering a single source for all workplace-related information and services. It can be a passive or active tool, seamlessly supporting the user from morning to night. Built to allow for ongoing expansion, the platform is intended to be the primary portal for workers within International Towers to source workplace, social and personal content that will improve their daily experience, save time and support wellness. The platform is also a powerful way to improve organisational efficiency and performance by empowering users to control and manage almost every aspect of their workplace experience.

  • The system is designed to easily connect to third party systems/services. One innovation is a robust API that can be accessed by third party service providers to integrate to or from our system. For the visual design we’re using design system, with digital assets and guidelines ready for other parties to use. Third parties have already expressed that integrating with the system and following the digital design guidelines is easy. Ease of use and third party integration is a core innovation of the product design.