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If there’s a problem in a local street, park or building, who can you tell? And who’s responsible for fixing it? Snap Send Solve is a platform giving citizens (Snappers) the confidence to report local issues and governments (Solvers) the tools to solve them, creating better communities for all.

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  • In one street, a damaged footpath might fall to the local council, a water leak to the water utility and a damaged manhole cover belongs to the telecommunications authority. Citizens don’t have time to navigate websites and hotlines and find the right authority to help them. A recent PwC survey found 85% of citizens said simplicity and convenience were important in accessing government services. Simultaneously, governments lack tools to create an open line of communication and keep their community informed as issues are fixed. Without data, governments and utilities miss opportunities to analyse ways to improve community amenity and safety.

  • Our approach to reporting local issues is driven by user experience and community, providing one platform for the community to Snap a photo of their local issue and Send it to the right authority (without needing to know which one is responsible). In a few taps, we empower everyone to improve the shared spaces around them. We have created a Portal to help thousands of Solvers — local councils, energy companies, water corporations and government departments — share real-time updates with their communities. Our tool builds engagement between citizens and governments (over practical, everyday issues), which, in turn, builds trust.

  • Snap Send Solve has grown to send over 1 million reports each year across Australia and New Zealand. With every report, we highlight otherwise invisible issues impacting local safety, wellbeing and amenity. We work with hundreds of local councils, recognisable consumer brands such as Telstra, nbn and Australia Post and even the State Emergency Service in Victoria. We have empowered each of these organisations to create safer communities and connect with their customers. We have a 4.7 star rating on the App Store and our Snappers tell us (through an inbuilt customer satisfaction survey) that 80%+ of reports are Solved.

  • On the Snapper side, we have designed the report flow to be as simple and streamlined as possible. Snappers can use location services to automatically pinpoint their location (or set it manually, if preferred). We also ask Snappers if their report has been solved and survey their general satisfaction. Any feedback including scores and verbatim is shared with the relevant Solver. This has created a live feed of citizen sentiment available to Solvers (which can be benchmarked against state averages). For Solvers, we have designed unique and seamless tools to collaborate with each other. Our reassign feature allows organisations to directly refer issues to each other if the relevant report isn’t within their remit. Our asset-tied QR codes simplify reporting for Snappers and Solvers. QR codes are displayed on assets such as rubbish bins and public toilets. If there's an issue, a Snapper can scan the code and it will automatically recognise and identify the asset and location, savings time for Snappers and Solvers. Finally, our API integration means reports can be directly entered into Solver CRMs without any manual data entry. This allows Solvers to operation more effectively and spend time on high-impact community work.