Intelematics Connected Vehicle Safety & Security Services

  • 2021

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In the era of connected cars, Australian technology company, Intelematics has developed a ground-breaking and potentially life-saving service — called ASURE — which automatically connects a vehicle with first responders in the event of an accident, even if the occupants are unresponsive, and if the vehicle is stolen.

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  • ASURE uses multiple technologies working together to deliver actionable data from cars to human users, including contact centre staff and emergency services, to enable their rapid response. Intelematics provides all the case handling software and workflows necessary to handle any high-pressure and potentially life-threatening scenario including integrated and intuitive scripts which are flexible enough to cater to differing outcomes. ASURE also identifies false alarms and operates autonomously in scenarios where vehicle occupants are unconscious or unresponsive. At the same time, processes work with individual emergency services, integrating with their systems and protocols to ensure rapid deployment.

  • ASURE comes to the assistance of vehicle occupants, even if they are trapped or unconscious. Unlike other emergency response services, an ASURE alert is received as a phone call from the vehicle. Alternative solutions send an alert to a call centre agent who then makes a call to the vehicle owner's mobile phone. Not only does ASURE establish an automatic direct connection between the vehicle and the call centre agent, but the person/people we are speaking to, are those that are in need of help and in the vehicle at the time of the incident.

  • The first hour after a collision is known as the 'Golden Hour'. Assistance to an injured person in the first hour can be critical for survival. In a recent incident, a woman experienced a medical episode when the vehicle she was travelling in was involved in a minor accident. She panicked and struggled to breathe. This vehicle was connected to ASURE. The driver pressed the SOS button, and her voice and vehicle data were sent to ASURE connecting her with a trained agent. The agent calmed her, contacted emergency services, and sent an ambulance to her aid within minutes.

  • ASURE delivers three connected vehicle safety & security services to the Toyota Yaris Cross and Lexus IS Sedan: Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT): In the event a vehicle is stolen, Intelematics supports the police in its recovery by providing vehicle data and location. Emergency Call (eCall): Upon impact, ASURE sends an Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) to trained agents who triage the accident, and where needed, contact emergency services. Save our Souls (SOS): In the event of personal duress, an occupant pushes the inbuilt SOS button, immediately establishing a voice call and providing vehicle data to the call centre. Throughout project design and development, the system was tested with call centres in Adelaide and Melbourne. The result is an interface that delivers a 90% system useability score and one that is optimised for efficient service delivery and handoff to emergency services. Toyota Australia's Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said the introduction of connected services reinforces commitment to the continual improvement of safety. "Having the ability to further protect the wellbeing of our customers through the delivery of connected safety and security services with the assistance of Intelematics' Call Centre solutions and services is a wonderful addition to our vehicle technology."