InnerFlame Fires

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Michael Lamb
  • Darren Ritchie
  • Taran Singh

Commissioned By:

Michael Lamb

Darren Ritchie

Taran Singh

Designed In:


An innovation in area heating, combining customised styling with efficient localized gas heating. Our appliance provides warmth, lighting ambience and fuel efficiency to any outdoor area (indoor non residential area). The InnerFlame table is hard plumbed into Natural Gas or LPG removing the labour required to refit gas bottles.

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Image: Kelly Capelli
Image: Kelly Capelli
Image: Kelly Capelli
Image: Kelly Capelli
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  • We recognized that outdoor area heating had serious limitations as the only commercial heaters available were radiant. This heating,while effective, is quite aggressive and uncomfortable as it lacks consistency in where the warmth is delivered to the body, often causing discomfort by overheating the head but lacking in lower body heating. We endeavored to design a heating appliance that offered localized heating by trapping the flame within the appliance body and allowing convective heat to escape the appliance and rise up and around seated or standing people nearby. The appliance had to be child safe and efficient.

  • As the project took shape and we had a working prototype, we came to the realization that the appliance actually exceeded our expectations in efficiency and comfort. We endeavored to create a tactile and beautiful piece of furniture that was fuel conscious but we learned that by carefully insulating critical components of the appliance, we could control the external temperature to allow the surface heat to rise to a touch safe level. This had the effect of allowing the appliance to heat patrons with convective, radiant and conductive transmission. The first heating appliance designed to be pleasing to the touch.

  • As we have only recently gained certification through Global Mark for Australian New Zealand Standards, it is too early to predict an overall impact but the installations in place at present have been extremely popular and have encouraged further sales due to the increase in commercial revenue and overall improved popularity of the commercial establishments where they have been placed.

  • The InnerFlame table concept allows for bespoke customized styling to fit the decor of any area as we have currently been tested and certified to allow for decorative outer materials of toughened glass, timber, resin or painted laser cut steel in any pattern or colour. The centre of the table top features a 450mm lense that can highlight a company logo or a decorative centre piece gently lighted by the flames below. The burner we use in our table consumes 40mjh of energy compared to 50mjh for a standard overhead, mushroom heater. This allows heating for up to 12 people seated around the table, drastically cutting energy consumption while improving safety, comfort and substantially reducing the labour costs required to service and re-gas mobile heating devices. The burner is protected by a standard permanent pilot and thermocouple outdoor and an Oxypilot for indoor non- residential applications. This means that the appliance remains lighted and only requires a control knob revolution to regulate the flame height according to the ambient climate. We feel that in the energy and emissions conscious society we inhabit, the InnerFlame table is a responsible, positive move towards energy efficiency.