Hugo Sun Lounge

  • 2021

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

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The Unopiu Hugo Sun Lounge is a luxury piece of outdoor furniture that was created in Australia and commissioned by Unopiu of Italy, one of the oldest Italian outdoor furniture manufacturers.

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  • A unique outdoor offering using high tech textiles and a number of innovations that had not been seen in the outdoor furniture arena to date. Outdoor furniture has remained quite conservative and our challenge was to innovate both with textile, weaving, open fibre sponge composition, patterns and colours to ensure that the design was unique, a world first and durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements globally. All fabrics and textiles were required to be UV resistant, saturation dyed acrylic to avoid colour fading, open fibre weave to allow maximum water drainage and a unique texture not been seen before.

  • Stainless-steel frame, in a 316-grade was electroplated with a champagne brass finish and textured to avoid fingerprints. The structure is adjustable and boasted a mixed material of high-grade stainless steel and teak to create a balanced finish. We sourced a unique Sunbrella fabric, which was saturation dyed acrylic and the sandwiched outdoor foam membrane in between the double sling coating and stitched into a quilt like formation so that the hammock itself had a luxurious padded effect that was resistant to the outdoors whilst achieving a luxurious finish for the outdoors not seen in the marketplace.

  • The beauty of this application is that the Sunbrella manufacturing process sources recyclable materials, manages landfill issues and reduces energy costs. A quilted exterior outdoor membrane can be applied to multiple outdoor applications and we feel this takes conventional outdoor furniture design into a new level of luxury, sustainability and innovation.

  • The sun lounge has a warm tactile appearance that is both adjustable, functional and highly luxurious. It is cost efficient and its width is oversized, giving the illusion that it may or could cater for a couple, not just an individual