HUBB Lifetime Oil Filter

  • 2016

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    Automotive and Transport

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HUBB Filters Inc

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HUBB is a lifetime re-usable oil filter for use on any car or truck. This all stainless steel filter captures five times more contaminants, increases fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. Every 10,000 miles HUBB is removed, disassembled, bathed in biodegradable soap, and then put back in the car.

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  • The HUBB Oil Filter as is, fits standard engine mounts and is part of a system that can easily be scaled up to fit on all size vehicles and all types of combustion engines. The filter is incredibly easy to install. It takes about ten minutes to do in a driveway, or just a few minutes on a lift. It's as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Every 10,000 miles HUBB is removed, disassembled, bathed in biodegradable soap, and then put back in the car. Users benefit from greater fuel efficiency; only needing to buy one filter one time; and peace of mind knowing that filters are not being thrown away. In addition, the HUBB oil filter lasts longer so the end user saves time and money with less frequent oil changes.

  • Conventional oil filters use paper pulp material that clogs quickly, becoming useless and putting a drag on the engine. Furthermore, 400 million paper oil filters in the USA alone are thrown away annually, causing a major waste problem In contrast, HUBB Oil Filter has tremendous environmental benefits: (1) It is easily cleaned in bio-degradable soap and then re-used (2) it reduces emissions (3) it improves fuel efficiency (4) it creates less drag on the engine making your car last longer Unlike like traditional oil filters, HUBB gets cleaned every 10,000 miles and re-used. Because HUBB is not thrown away, it doesn't grow our hazardous waste dump. This single fact alone makes HUBB profoundly impactful

  • The HUBB Oil Filter is designed to last a lifetime. HUBB's unique use of aluminum and stainless steel throughout means it is virtually indestructible. The filters are tested on test benches and on all types of vehicles. No signs of wear and tear to date. Since the HUBB Next Generation Oil Filter is made of metal, it allows for complete cleaning of the filter media. For this purpose we designed a custom ultrasonic cleaning station as well, in which multiple filters can be cleaned simultaneous to a level as good as new. The calculated life cycle for the HUBB Oil Filter is over 50 years, for a regular car driving 15,000 miles per year.

  • At a price point of $69 for a re-usable filter that lasts longer than your car, and works to protect the environment, this is an overall winner. HUBB offers innovative benefits but uses the standard filter mount that is on every automobile and truck, which makes for easy adoption. The product has been endorsed and adopted by government organizations and large oil companies. It was originally considered a business threat by oil change companies like Jiffy Lube but it has sparked a new interest in changing from a disposable model to a cleaning model. Individuals love it, and race teams have adopted it for its performance advantages.

    The HUBB solution is revolutionary. It is designed to work better and to last a lifetime so it is never thrown away. HUBB is an all-metal filter assembly. It incorporates a primary and secondary filter to greatly increase the filter area in order to improve efficacy, performance, and to reduce clogging and back pressure. The filters are a unique micro-woven 316L surgical stainless steel mesh (typically used in tiny surgical instruments). The mesh porosity is sized perfectly to capture debris in the oil but allow for easy flow, unlike paper pulp which has uncontrolled porosity. Every 10,000 miles HUBB is removed, disassembled, bathed in biodegradable soap, and put back in the car. HUBB has a 50 year lifespan.