HUB Nova

  • 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • HUB Australiasia

Commissioned By:

HUB In-house Design

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A high performance residential streetlight-luminaire, which utilises the latest in high efficiency Cree LEDs with custom-designed optics.

Optical and gear compartments comply with IP66 and with an overall weight of less than 4kg.

The lowest power consumption in Australia, Nova has been developed for the lowest cost both capital and operational.

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  • In keeping with the HUB design ethos, the Nova has been designed to achieve a form which is functional, minimal and robust. Each locality and community is diverse and vibrant in its own unique way, so designing a product to fit unobtrusively into all scenes mandates a simple and honest form factor. In addition to visually integrating with local vistas, the Nova has a form suggestive of the future and smart cities. Compared to current pedestrian lights, the Nova has redefined the visual language of this category, moving away from large bulky designs to a form that does not impede on the visual space of its surroundings.

  • The Nova has been designed to accommodate 3 switching configurations depending on the customers' needs and objectives. There is the standard variety to fit straight into existing street light installations. Secondly there is an optional Photoelectric Cell switch to operate the light based on prevailing local conditions. Lastly there is an optional NEMA control module to make the Nova smart-city compatible. Nova's compartments for the LED driver and the cassette for the LED PCB and Lens are modular to ensure greater ease of installation through a 'plug-and-play' philosophy. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions yet weighing only 4kg.

  • The light output - intensity and distribution - from the custom designed optics is adherent to AS/NZS 1158 while the average power load is a category leading 14.54 Watts at a Power Factor of 0.86. This means that the Nova provides industry standard lighting intensity and distribution while using less power than its competition making it more energy efficient. The custom designed optics also eliminate waste upwards light, and focus light where it is needed and reduce light intensity where it is undesirable.

  • The design of the Nova has always considered the notion of 'Cradle to Cradle' design. This is embodied through the use of an Aluminium body and layer cake assembly which has been considered for ease of disassembly and reuse. One of the main features of the Nova is its energy use compared to other products in this category - it maintains lighting efficacy while reducing required energy input. This results in savings in electricity use which is significant on aggregate given the number of street lights across the country. As an original design objective the Nova has been realised in a form more compact than existing pedestrian lights which require less materials overall.

    The Nova is designed to address 4 different markets - residential streets, car parks, foot paths, and cycle ways. In its price range and lighting category it is superior to its competitors in terms of energy input vs light output and distribution. It has been designed in Australia specifically for Australian conditions which results in greater cost efficiency than international competitor products. For cities and councils in Australia looking to reduce costs and energy consumption the Nova redefines category performance and efficiency while maintaining competitive pricing.

    The Nova incorporates new technology in LEDs and Drivers into a smaller form factor, providing a new benchmark for performance and efficiency in its respective category.

    Safety is an integral part of lighting design for public spaces. The Nova complies with all relevant safety and durability standards (AS/NZS 1158, IEC 60598, IK08, IP66) to ensure safety during installation and safety in use and maintenance.