HP Z2 G9 Mini Workstation Desktop PC

  • 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP Z2 Mini is a miniature workstation that is extremely versatile, capable of managing the demands of professionals working on 3D modeling, specialized applications, and heavy productivity tasks. Incredibly high performance packed into an insanely petite PC. It’s the perfect choice for the modern workplace—at home or the office.

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  • Architects, engineers, designers, and creative media professionals all told us they wanted a small desktop computer that could hide in their workspace. They wanted it to be powerful to run 3D tasks and simulations, have tool-less access, and be able to upgrade it with standard parts. Usually, small form factor limit the availability of upgradable parts.

  • HP Z2 Mini uses standard DDR5 SO-DIMM memory and stadard low-profile graphics cards, so you can easily swap graphics and memory. This was a challenge. In any other similarly sized small desktop, you could expect the RAM and graphics to be non-upgradable. For professionals wishing to minimize its presence in their workspace, it can mount under the desk, or on the back of the display, while still being small enough to put in a bag and take it with you.

  • Better performance: built for high performance with phase change cooling and high airflow venting, so even the toughest projects don't slow down. Future Proofing: intuitive access to all internals and without the need for tools, the end-user can easily upgrade the system using industry standard parts.

  • * aluminum chassis designed by airflow studies for 52% open air flow * 3D lattice vent grille to optimize airflow at front and rear * Magnetic stand for vertical use, mounting sleeve for under desk or behind monitor. Rack mount kit also available.