HP U28 4K HDR Monitor

  • 2021

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

Designed in the United States of America, the HP U28 4K HDR Monitor 28″ delivers a high-quality and dynamic range of colors and contrasts. The beautiful, thin device is intended for digital content creators who need premium display capabilities and an aesthetic design to match.

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  • HP Design was asked to think about a few competing goals. First of all, HP has a commitment to reduce first-use plastics in our products and increase post-consumer recycled material. Second, we want to deliver a product that helps people turn imagination and creative vision into something that can be shared. Third, we want to try and reduce anything that separates the vision from the user. We knew we wanted to use an HDR display, and we knew we had to make the content and the stand and enclosure that hold it seem as one.

  • The HP U28 4K HDR 28-inch Monitor neck height adjustment mechanism is super thin, 30 by 35mm in a square channel. Historically, height adjustment requires a bigger neck. Instead, the display rests above a narrow extruded aluminum column. The column allows it to tilt up and down, side to side. The design of the product reinforces all focus on the user - the physical presence of the display is minimized in every way. The screen is near-borderless. The vents for ducting heat are hidden in the top edge where front and back meet.

  • The Creator Display has the mechanical engineering to complete the picture. The display rests above an extruded aluminum column, 30x35mm, finished in an ecologically-responsible water-borne paint. The top of the stand is machined, in an engine-turned pattern. The column of the height adjustable stand is topped with a head that allows it to tilt up and down, swivel side to side, and pivot from landscape to portrait mode, to better accommodate the content the designer is working on. The connector ports exit parallel with the desk to waterfall over the back of the column, through the molded cable organization clip.

  • The U28 4k HDR Monitor is made to support the creative while also protecting the planet. Equipped with VESA certified DisplayHDR 400, Ultra Wide Color Gamut, and factory color calibration. We give users the ability to create towards a smaller carbon footprint using a display that's built with recycled ocean-bound plastics equating to 3.5 plastic water bottles. We go one step further with packaging that is sustainably sourced and recyclable. This is HP Consumer Displays group first product to incorporate this level of sustainable material. The reduction of post-consumer plastic bottles and pre-consumer waste is a different approach to decrease environmental impact of pollution from toxic components to be released into land, water and air. Every effort was made to reduce the appearance of thickness, using a dark front mated to a silver-pike back. In every dimension, it is as thin as it can be.