Hitachi airCloud Home

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • Irene Ding
  • Jitesh Jumani
  • Shailja Tyagi
  • Chandrika Sureshkumar
  • Meera K

Commissioned By:

Irene Ding

Jitesh Jumani

Shailja Tyagi

Chandrika Sureshkumar

Meera K

Designed In:


The Hitachi airCloud Home IoT Mobile and Voice App allows users to control their home air conditioner through the cloud. The app offers a simple interface that allows users to schedule and adjust on/off times, balancing power consumption while maintaining comfort.

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  • Air conditioning can often be complex and technical; however, our customers should be able to enjoy comfort instantly, and without effort. We challenged ourselves to upgrade our customer experience by helping users to understand their Power Consumption in heating and cooling and simplifying complex on-boarding processes.

  • Through consumer research, modularization of hardware, optimized information display, and operation methods tailored for web and mobile platforms, we created a solution that works with existing legacy products and upcoming new products that can provide a delightful end-user experience with transparency to power usage and a higher level of control.

  • Positive feedbacks were given to the delivery of a unify user experience for global platforms from its ability to simplify the overall IoT usage experience. We believe better air directly translates to better health in today's new reality, and IoT enables more transparency to our air quality more than ever. We are constantly innovating to optimize energy usage and how we bring safety, comfort and energy efficiency into the life of air quality.

  • Features include: On/off Mode selection Temperature Fan speed Louver position / air flow direction Smart Fence Energy Cost Estimator FrostWash Push Notification for Error or Mal-Function