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  • 2017

  • Social Impact

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HERO Condoms is a socially and environmentally responsible condom company that operates on a 1 for 1 philosophy, whereby for every condom sold in Australia & New Zealand, one is donated in Botswana – contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS and helping to save lives.

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  • We conducted market research to determine if our 1 for 1 business model would be appealing to the consumer. Approx. 78% of feedback said that the socially responsible and environmentally friendly aspects of the brand and product would be the reason for purchase. Working with our partners in Botswana, HERO then conducted research to gain feedback on what was desired from a condom both in function and design. The design process was then shared with partners in Botswana to ensure that the designs were accurate, desirable and to be well received.

  • HERO is now ranged in over 3,000 retailers in Australia and New Zealand, illustrating that the designs have been well received at retail. The customised condoms designed for Botswana are strawberry scented, more transparent in nature and the branding on the condom foil / wrapper design incorporates colours from the Botswana flag. Not only was the packaging well received but also the scent and feel of the condom. We successfully created an aid donation product designed for the people based on feedback from the people. At the request of many of our customers, we have recently launched a new vegan condom and lubricant range.

  • HERO's 1 for 1 business model is future proofed and progressive. Identify the problem first and then create a solution. Our socially conscious origins are not only driven to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS but to also promote a healthy sexual ecosystem based on awareness and respect for both men and women.We are also in the midst of launching a new brand / product under the business which has been formulated off the back of our marketing innovation for HERO. This product will feature in the feminine hygiene range and have a similar socially responsible business model, with donations continuing to help create positive social change and save lives in developing countries.

  • Our 1 for 1 business model is quite unique for the condom category. People can directly help in the prevention of HIV/AIDS with their purchases. Our HERO Vegan Natural Plant Based (aloe vera) lubricant is PH balanced and for every bottle sold, 12 condoms will be donated to Botswana. We also recognise that women are an important demographic and this is reflected in our advertising. We ensure that no misogynistic adverts are used. HERO has also since been voted the number #1 condom of choice among women of Australia.

    HERO are working directly with the Government in Botswana and our NGO partners - the National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA) and the Youth Health Organisation (YOHO) to reach their vision of ZERO new HIV infections. To date, we have locally donated over 100,000 condoms to universities, student groups, the LGBT community and health organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Internationally we have donated 575,000 condoms to the people of Botswana and in production of an additional 2 million condoms(set to double yearly) by 2017.The launching of HEROs Vegan condoms and Vegan Natural Plant Based (aloe vera) lubricant has garnered us huge support from the vegan community.