Heart for the Homeless’ Cardboard City Video

  • 2016

  • Social Impact

Designed By:

  • The Lume Creative

Commissioned By:

Heart for the Homeless

Designed In:


Our “It’s Your Move” digital initiative uses 60-second stop-motion video to encourage household goods donations to charities through the Heart for The Homeless website. Our initiative seeks to rescue the average 15-50kg of usable resources that would normally be thrown out each time a person moves home.

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  • The "It's Your Move" video aims to minimise wastage and damage to the environment where those moving home can "register their move" and "make their move count". Our system then notifies a charity in the area to collect unwanted items and redistribute them to those in need or to help fund crisis counseling and emergency housing and so much more. Instead of the unwanted goods going to landfill, we want to see unwanted goods going straight to those who need them. Rather than throwing away disused or unloved items, we are encouraging people to think about donating their unwanted goods to someone less fortunate in the community through our organisation as well as being kind to the environment.