Harry’s Newsstand

  • 2016

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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This holiday season, we created a short-term retail experience that show-cased both our grooming products and brand. The space was located in the historic Grand Central Terminal.

Through considered design, material selection, and custom printed collateral, the Newsstand was a beautiful point of interaction for daily commuters, tourists and shoppers.

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  • When conceptualizing the space, we chose to pay homage to Grand Central's heralded past by drawing inspiration from classic 1920's and 30's news stalls. We've added our own modern aesthetic in a thoughtful, complimentary way, so the Newsstand blends seamlessly into the backdrop of Grand Central Terminal. We used a combination of carrara white marble, white oak, dimensional lettering, and frosted glass with vinyl lettering to achieve our intended aesthetic. Pull-out shelving and backlit lighting added additional functionality to our Newsstand.

  • Our Newsstand was free standing and designed to attract commuters, tourists, and shoppers. To attract these guests and to compliment our Newsstand, we designed and printed our own newspaper for daily commuters to enjoy on their train rides. The paper has custom content created by our in house editorial team. To celebrate the holiday season and give nod to Grand Central's past, we also created a printed map of the terminal that doubles as wrapping paper. The map is illustrated by R. Kikuo Johnson.