H5M Outdoor Dome camera

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

Designed In:

United States of America

The H5M Outdoor Dome camera is designed for budget-conscious video surveillance installations and intended for sites requiring a small footprint camera for outdoor use. The H5M camera is intended for tough environmental conditions while offering advanced video analytics through Artificial Intelligence technology for faster response times and simple installation.

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  • Designers were challenged to create a differentiated solution in the outdoor surveillance camera category. Many of the challenges posed in fixed cameras regard the area of installation, adjustment, and maintenance. It is not uncommon for hundreds of such devices to be installed in a community or campus and any simplification of the deployment process improves labor and maintenance costs.

  • The H5M camera was re-envisioned as a sealed module offering a variety of easily reconfigurable mounting accessories. The installation process was also improved by redefining the traditional pan, tilt, and azimuth adjustment required for such devices into a single screw adjustment. Another issue that continued to surface in research is the cumbersome removal process required when a device requires a reset operation. Designers re-imagined this into a single lightpipe/button combination that makes the device accessible for reset and maintenance without any removal required.

  • Operations center observers can be easily overwhelmed with excessive video information from multiple camera feeds. When this happens interest and benefits are soon lost as content becomes unmanageable. The ability of this device to call attention to what matters most is a key benefit and has a positive impact on workflow in security operations. The ability of this solution to differentiate and detect unusual movements in a new way is a key factor in keeping organizations and communities safe, informed, and focused.

  • The device relies on Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) Technology which uses AI to notify users of unusual events that might otherwise have been missed, offering increased situational awareness and enabling effective monitoring of more cameras. The modular design snaps into surface and in-ceiling mount adapters for fast and easy, installation without tools. The camera module itself is designed as a unique sealed unit which functions independently of mounting systems. The H5M serves as a portal for video capture systems which have become a key component in public and private safety and security