• 2017

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    Web Design and Development

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Ben Graetz

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Grassrootz is an online fundraising platform aimed at helping charities raise more money and reduce their costs.

The unbeatably low fees and a focus on a seamless, responsive user experience that puts the charities brands first and foremost, make Grassrootz front runners in the online fundraising industry.

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  • Each page was designed so it could be easily transformed and re-styled according to each charity's needs. We focused on simplicity, stripping things down to the essential fundraising requirements. Our forms use a clear information hierarchy, neutral typography and simple layouts that scale perfectly on mobile devices. Charities can use their own imagery, brand colours and take control of their messaging which enables them to attract and connect with their own audiences, and ensure that the user experience is personalised between the charity, fundraiser and donor.

  • We worked closely with charities to create a solution that met their needs. Each page was designed to ensure a logical content hierarchy in line with the actions user needed to take at each step in the process. For instance, to make the process of donating as smooth as possible we provided functional page layouts, clear calls to action, only the essential fields and engaging copy to encourage and motivate donors to donate. In this example, we also restricted the use of colour so that the primary actions would be clear and noticeable to users.

  • Testing, prototyping and iterating with customers was central to the design process. By restricting features and focusing on the core we were able to deliver a polished outcome to our charities, fundraisers and donors within the confines of time and budget. This enabled a high quality user experience that was already "battle tested" and solved a lot of problems that charities, fundraisers and donors expressed concerns about prior. For instance, our create page process flips the existing workflow on its head by moving account creation to the end and requiring the minimum amount of information up front. This delivered a marked improvement in fundraiser conversion and brand control against existing alternatives.

  • Grassrootz has been well received by the company's charity partners. They have been particularly impressed with the quality, simplicity and flexibility of the product at a price that is unbeatable in the online fundraising market. Grassrootz is onboarding new customers every day, and is now doing tens of thousands of dollars in transactions on a daily basis. A great achievement for a product so new to the market.