Gosford Leagues Club Park

  • 2021

  • Architectural
    Place Design

Designed By:

  • Turf Design Studio - Lead Design
  • Kevin "Uncle Gavi' Duncan - Artist
  • Civille - WSUD / Tidal Terrace
  • ElectroLight - Lighting Art
  • WordPlay - Signage/ Graphics

Commissioned By:

Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation

Designed In:


Fundamentally this project is about connection, to environment, to ‘Country’ and to community – making a place for all. As the premier new public space for Gosford in NSW, the diversity of spaces and their adaptability for a range of uses will provide for everything from the everyday stroll to the annual event.

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Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
Image: Guy Wilkinson
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  • Our brief was to provide a town green, a regional playground, conserve existing phoenix palms, extend Baker Street to provide frontage for new adjacent development, and lastly, provide a new and 'community node'. Discovery of the early shoreline on historical surveys, located deep within the park, long-buried, strongly influenced the park narrative and its overall physical form. We saw an opportunity to not simply interpret, but also restore this lost shoreline in a kind of archaeological dig, revealing the bay floor as an estuarine wild play area, 'Tidal Terrace'- a place to play, to learn, to connect to nature.

  • Mike and his team incorporated several unique and innovative design elements that set Leagues Club Park apart from other regional play spaces, notably a natural tidal water play zone. They also worked closely with the local Aboriginal land council to create a space that is imbued with the culture and history of the region's original inhabitants. Turf's expertise, willingness to collaborate, and dedication have helped us deliver a landmark destination that will be enjoyed by the people of Gosford and the wider Central Coast for decades to come. - Valentina Misevska CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, Hunter & Central Coast Development Corporation

  • "I heartily commend Turf for its outstanding work on the Gosford Leagues Club Park. This project has realized the City's objectives for Gosford, making a major contribution to the City's recreational spaces. As lead consultant working in collaboration with indigenous artist Kevin 'Uncle Gavi' Duncan, and Darkinjung Land Council Turf has transformed the park, literally bringing back the park's ecosystems, the community's imagination, and reflecting the Aboriginal culture and history of the area. Through the nearby ocean waterway, paths and stepping stones, the designers have created delightful places in the park's landscape, connecting community and nature." Chairperson - Darkinjung LALC

  • At the centre of the tidal terrace the 'Norimbah' provides a stage for community events. Clan poles feature artwork that reveals Darkinjung culture and the culture of neighbouring nations. Elements of wild play, including logs, rocks and ropes provide a play passage between the Tidal Terrace and three adjacent playgrounds with sculptural play equipment. Ray Maher Field carries cultural significance for the Central Coast Leagues Club. Tracing its perimeter is a jogging track coined the Walk of Fame, showcasing sixty brass plaques honouring local community members who have made important contributions to the city. The 'Tidal Terrace' will be a dynamic wild play area that fills and empties in unison with the tidal water levels within Brisbane Water adjacent to the site. A new pipe has been installed at depth below the Central Coast Highway to connect the tidal terrace to Brisbane Water and allow the water to flow into and out of the tidal terrace passively without the use of pumps. A motorised mechanical gate system has been installed that automatically isolates the tidal terrace from Brisbane Water when the water depth reaches a pre-set level. The programming of the gate system controller will allow for adaptive management.