GOKI SmartLock PRO

  • 2023

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    Consumer Electronics

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Goki SmartLock Pro is an innovative, contactless access solution designed for the hospitality industry, transforming guest experiences in hotels, hostels + Airbnbs. SmartLock Pro streamlines check-in, enhances security, seamlessly integrates seamlessly with the Goki product range + third-party property management tools to revolutionise guest experiences + increase revenue generation opportunities for operators.

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  • The design challenge for the Goki SmartLock Pro was to address the evolving needs of the hospitality industry in a post-pandemic world, by creating a secure, convenient, and contactless access solution. The goal was to streamline the guest experience, reduce operational costs, and enhance sustainability by eliminating plastic keycards and disposable batteries. The SmartLock Pro had to seamlessly integrate with existing Goki products and property management systems, while offering an easy-to-install, adaptable solution that catered to hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs, ultimately exceeding the expectations of both guests and operators.

  • The design of Goki SmartLock Pro involved creating an advanced locking system that combines multiple access methods, including Wi-Fi, NFC, DoorCode, Keycard and mechanical keys. The device leverages Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC + Wi-Fi technologies for seamless communication with third-party property management systems, Goki Suite + has been designed for easy installation and adaptability, fitting various door type configurations. Sustainable considerations include incorporating rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (vs disposable AA Batteries featured in majority of competitor products) and eliminating plastic keycards. SmartLock Pro integrates effortlessly with the Goki Management Dashboard + Guest App, overcoming potential roadblocks + delivering a comprehensive, contactless hospitality experience.

  • The Goki SmartLock Pro's design impact is multifaceted, enhancing commercial success through improved operational efficiency, increased guest satisfaction, and reduced overheads. SmartLock Pro eliminates plastic keycards + disposable batteries, promoting sustainability and annual cost savings (approx. $20k AUD savings per 100 rooms). Societally, the contactless solution streamlines guest experiences in a smart post-pandemic world, setting a new standard in hospitality. By providing a secure, contactless solution that enhances + streamlines the guest experience, SmartLock Pro serves is a leading example of how innovative product design solutions can increase guest satisfaction, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and market share for businesses.

  • Multiple Access Methods: The lock supports smartphone access, NFC cards/tags/bands, DoorCode, and mechanical keys, providing flexibility + convenience for guests and operators. Seamless Integration: The SmartLock Pro connects effortlessly with existing Goki products, property management systems, and the Goki Management Dashboard, creating a cohesive ecosystem for streamlined guest and staff experiences. Easy Installation: Designed to fit various door types and configurations, the SmartLock Pro simplifies the installation process, ensuring adaptability across hotels, hostels + Airbnbs. Sustainability: The use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries + the elimination of plastic keycards demonstrate Goki's commitment to an eco-friendly approach, reducing both waste and operational costs. Staff(less) Check-in: The SmartLock Pro automates check-in processes, eliminating the need for physical reception desks, long queues, and paper registration forms, enhancing the overall guest experience. Customizable DoorCodes: Memorable 4-digit DoorCodes, based on guest's date of birth or mobile number, provide a backup access method and improve security. Real-time Monitoring: The Spaces Staff App and Dashboard offer real-time lock status, active notifications, and easy lock management, allowing operators to stay informed + in control. Future-proof Design: The SmartLock Pro is built to support evolving technology and guest needs, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing hospitality landscape.