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Not all portable power is created equal. GoBlock is the only solution designed, engineered, built and tested in the most unforgiving conditions on earth – the Outback. This Australian developed product is both a portable power source and a flexible in-vehicle dual battery system capable of powering the most ambitious adventures.

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  • Finding space to install a dual battery system in a modern day 4wd is becoming increasingly difficult. Combine this with consumer attitudes towards minimising vehicle modifications and the convenience of a portable power system and there is a clear problem to solve. Existing Battery Boxes lack the rugged, off-road design required for the outback and low recharge current means that they are only good for one cycle when out on the road. A rugged, portable, re-usable power source that can be stored and used in any vehicle was our key Design Challenge.

  • The GoBlock is a fully contained Portable Dual Battery System that allows the benefits of both a Dual Battery System and a Portable Power Station. It can be used without any installation and features 4 different charging options. The optional, patented PowerDock installation provides both restraint and connection with a single-action mechanism. GoBlock features a range of 12V outputs commonly used in camping situations and connects to the RedVision App. for convenient control. GoBlock is designed to be life-proof, featuring ergonomic carry handles, protected outputs and a rugged enclosure that can double as a spare seat!

  • While perfect for the Off-road enthusiast, standard dual battery systems are expensive and require significant vehicle modification. GoBlock reduces installation requirements and makes a powered weekend getaway achievable to more people. By providing an all-in-one solution for our customers, integrating core REDARC components into a single package, GoBlock makes owning the REDARC brand more accessible to entry level customers, increasing our potential market size. GoBlock features an integrated 50A MPPT solar regulator and is designed to work with the majority portable solar panels on the market. The GoBlock is the perfect replacement for noisy, polluting petrol generators.

  • Go now Hit the road and head to the great outdoors or for a family day out with the peace of mind that no matter what, you will be packed with hours, even days of off-grid power. Go off-grid Recharge your GoBlock while off-grid. It comes with an in-vehicle Accessory Socket charger and accepts up to 50A input from any power source that has an Anderson plug including solar. Go tough The GoBlock is built tough with a rugged exterior, prepared for almost any situation. It has been tested to ensure it survives all the punishment you can throw at it. You can even use the GoBlock as a nifty spare seat at the campsite. Go safe The GoBlock includes a Start Battery Recovery feature which enables you to safely charge yours or a friend's start battery, so you are out of trouble in just 15 minutes. Go wireless GoBlock connects via Bluetooth to REDARC's RedVision smartphone App (iOS + Android) giving you remote access to the Battery State of Charge, system diagnostics, Input source information and the ability to activate the Start Battery Recovery mode.