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  • 2017

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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Glamazon is an on-demand beauty service which has revolutionised the Australian beauty-industry. The business model has made it possible for users to simply tap their smartphone and have a beauty stylist arrive at their location in the minimum possible time or book a last minute appointment at their selected price range.

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  • Client to Stylist: Glamazon instantly connects clients with over 300 specialised beauty stylists and delivers them to the their door. In a few clicks, users can select their beauty requirements, choose a date and time, and they're on their way. Client to Salon: Booking last minute appointments can be challenging for an array of reasons. One being that it's impossible to know who has available appointments, how much they will charge and if that salon offers quality service. Glamazon syncs up with available appointment times, offers a range of prices and only recommends highly regarded salons. It also gives users the option to order an Uber if their appointment was booked for ASAP.

  • One of the challenges of booking last minute appointments is that you never know what level of service is available until you're sitting in the chair. Often with last minute appointments, salons only have senior level stylists available which is reflected in the price. With Glamazon, users can choose their price range and the level of expertise provided. With the introduction of 'Glam- X' and 'Glam-Black' stylists and a revolutionary rating system, users have the opportunity to choose their level of service provider to match their expectations and budget. The App directly debits accounts with no nasty hidden fees, and with stylists and salon appointments being pre-paid, clients can rush straight out the door!

  • Staying on top of current trends is something that customers look for in the beauty sphere. Whether they are are looking for images to inspire them to recreate a look or to use as a model to replicate the look for an occasion or as a means of self expression, Glamazon has adopted the function of a 'Trends' tab to keep users up to date on the latest beauty go-tos and to keep stylists inspired and creative. By allowing users to interact with this function, this provides ample looks that both stylists and users can use to experiment with or to try directly via a booked appointment. Feeling beautiful, fresh and on trend never looked so easy.