George Dining Setting

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Brad Turner

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The George dining setting consists of dining table and dining benches.

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  • The design is responding to the needs of our clients for more compact and inclusive dining furniture. With the increasing number in smaller living spaces around Melbourne, we looked at how consumers wanted to spend their time at home. Few had the luxury of space to house the traditional large dining table and chairs, nor did they dine in that way anymore. It was more about finding a solution that was compact, but comfortable, and still promoted and encouraged the experience of dining together.

  • The George setting focussed on using a less traditional 'oblong' shape for both table and benches. Removing corners aided in the inclusive feel we were after. Movement around the table freed up. The width of the table too was reduced to 800mm, bringing those seated closer together. The benches, designed to seat two, also nestled in under the table when not in use, again solving the need for more space in smaller apartments/houses.

  • We have been able to gauge the impact of this design through the response from out clients. The immediate popularity of the table was evident, as though it may seem a simple idea, it is not easily found in the market place. It was a new take on the dining experience using simple shapes and refined proportions.

  • The setting uses responsibly sourced FSC certified timber.