WaveFlyer Volarè

  • 2023

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    Automotive and Transport

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The WaveFlyer Volarè is an eco-friendly hydrofoil electric personal watercraft for two, providing a smooth and silent ride. It offers ease of use, aesthetics, and safety to all, making it a great option for a hassle-free water adventure.

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  • The WaveFlyer Volarè was created to solve the problem of electrification of boats and to find a sustainable solution that met and outperformed existing watercraft whilst also reducing the negative impacts boats have on coastal and ocean ecosystems. Boats need a lot of power to travel through the water so the challenges of electrification of boats with current battery technology make most electric boats underwhelming in both performance and energy efficiency.

  • Using a combination of drone technologies, hydrofoils, and high-efficiency battery electric propulsion the WaveFlyer is silent above and below the water, efficient with its energy, and minimally impactful to the environments it operates in.

  • The WaveFlyer is a groundbreaking hydrofoil electric personal watercraft that has the potential to create a lasting positive impact. With its sustainable design and advanced technology, it offers an eco-friendly and high-performance water adventure experience. The WaveFlyer has the potential to improve business performance through increased market share, sales, and customer loyalty. Its innovative features and sleek aesthetics are expected to attract customers, while its emission-free operation contributes to a healthier planet. The WaveFlyer is not just a PWC, but a game-changing innovation with the potential to enhance the quality of life for people and the environment.

  • - Serviceability and Upgradability: With lasting design in mind, the batteries of the WaveFlyer can be changed and upcycled into home energy storage applications. As well as the propulsion system, the simplicity of the foil system allows users to easily replace and service components on the WaveDrive. - Autonomy and Safety: The WaveFlyer is designed to be as safe as possible, this is achieved using sensors throughout the vessel to monitor the state, health, position, and location of the vessel at all times. This allows the vessel to maintain the highest level of safety for commercial and private operators, through features such as GEO fencing and cloud-based monitoring, and marine & aerospace-grade electronics. - Sustainable manufacturing: Using advanced mass manufacturing techniques and sustainable materials choices, we are ensuring that we minimize energy and waste during the manufacturing process, during its service life, and at the end of it. By ensuring that most of the vessel can be recycled through the use of recyclable plastic, vegan leather, recyclable metals, bio-resins, and natural fibers in the hull.