Fusion Capital Advanced Mobility Hub

  • 2019

  • Design Strategy

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  • Fusion Capital

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Fusion Capital

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The creation of an enterprise focused on advanced design, engineering and manufacturing opportunities where each division not only feeds from, but also supplies each other division, creating horizontal capabilities which can be utilised in different industry verticals including the manufacture of public buses and the design and manufacture of supercars.

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  • Against the demise of automotive manufacture in Australia, our desire was to construct a design led enterprise which had the capability of working across different industry verticals in the transport and mobility solutions sectors utilising an agile and multi skilled workforce which could work across the entities within the group, and a supply chain to each business which has an opportunity to be leveraged across the group from an efficiency perspective, reducing piece cost and overhead contributions but more importantly encouraging collaboration on existing and future projects.

  • We acquired a contemporary facility to house all of the projects and IP under one roof encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing across the group, establishing our own “mobility hub” which is product focused. The development of a supercar as a “halo” project demonstrates the capacity and capability of the group and encourages engagement across the group through the confidence it engenders from both a design and engineering perspective. The facility layout has been deliberately set out to encourage collaboration and exchange of knowledge as well as an efficient movement of product between divisions.

  • The model works on three levels; first, to deliver products which are innovative and globally relevant; secondly, to attract additional opportunities which are complementary to the current product suite; third, to attract resources who are leaders in their fields who can work across the business divisions as required. Socially we have provided a platform for future development in an area which was hardest hit by the deconstruction of the Australian automotive sector. Environmentally we are very much focused on different driveline technologies, with a focus on lightweight materials to support both vehicle engineering structure and resultant fuel load efficiency.

  • The genesis of the Fusion group was the joining of two workforces which had previously both been part of tier one suppliers to Automotive OEMs. By combining the best of advanced metal fabrication capabilities from one entity with the mechanical and electrical engineering and assembly capabilities of the other the core team was established to continue to manufacture in Northern Adelaide. This team was taken out of its comfort zone from the safety of commodity supply to an environment where disruption rather than conformity is at its heart. We innovate in our design ethos to create a platform for future growth. Sharing ideas and collaborating both from within our organisation and with third parties is the key to our growth. Integrated within our corporate DNA is the intent to drive engineering performance and design solutions, recognising the value of our people as an asset to drive value in the business and its performance. We have developed a sustainable manufacturing operation supporting state procurement policy and private customers. We have been able to transfer automotive manufacturing competencies to parallel industries with high growth potential creating R&D partnerships for global supply chain opportunity.