Furf Pet Bowl

  • 2019

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Furf Pets

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New Zealand

Furf Pets has given the humble, scruffy pet bowl a design makeover. A sophisticated addition to the home that combines a beautifully clean form, with mess-free non-spill and non-slip functionality. A bowl that inspires the will for a more aesthetically pleasing feeding environment.

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  • Pet bowls look messy and often leave a mess all around them. The form challenge. Dog bowls generally look ugly. The design brief was to create a pet bowl that would look as good on the dining room table as it does on the floor of the kitchen. The functional challenge. As every owner knows there is often a mess of food and water left around a pet bowl. The solution needed to have clear functional benefits over the current options on the market - designing functionality that considered the dog’s approach to eating and drinking.

  • The design solution is a beautifully finished bowl constructed of food grade stainless steel and silicone rubber. The silicone rubber shell, as well as making the bowl non-slip, has a non-spill lip to reduce the amount of mess normally associated with pet bowls. All materials are also dishwasher safe which not only allows the product to be kept clean but makes it more hygienic for pets. In addition, it is packaged so well that the product can be gifted and sits comfortably in design, homeware and gift stores.

  • Social, Commercial and Environmental Impact: The project was to create a hero product that encompassed the principles of our new pet accessory brand. Ie. intelligently designed, made with quality materials and made through good production practices, resulting in timeless, longer-lasting products that avoid short-term thinking. Investment in design is the core of the company and brand, along with social and environmental practices. The Furf bowl is manufactured and assembled in an ISO 14001 certified facility with a commitment to living wages. All packaging is considered and plastic eliminated everywhere possible.

  • Non spill lip We added a specially designed overlapping lip to the top of the bowl. This reduces food and liquid spills when excited pets eat, thirsty pets drink or the bowl is moved. Food grade construction A seamlessly crafted bowl of food grade 0.7mm 18/8 stainless steel encased in food grade silicone rubber. It’s so good you could eat your dinner off it. Non slip, non flip base The wide, grippy silicone rubber base makes the bowl hard to flip and stops it skidding across hard surfaces. Quality that lasts With our no-quibble 5 year warranty on the stainless steel core, you can be sure this will stand the test of time. Dishwasher Safe All our food grade silicone and 18/8 stainless steel products are dishwasher safe.