Forcite MK01

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Forcite Helmet Systems

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The Forcite MK01 brings motorcycling into the 21st Century, this helmet and artificial intelligence software system can detect road obstructions and predict rider behaviour ahead of time “hence the name Foresight”, it displays this information on a patented display and audio system. The helmet also has an auto-recording camera.

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  • Riding a motorcycle is dangerous, it's hard to navigate, click-on cameras can kill you on impact, objects on the road can dismount you and they are fast so a speeding ticket is always a few steps away even though we don't like to admit it. With all of this happening on the road traffic situations have become more intense for riders, how can we create a product and software system that protects riders pre-accident rather than post? Just like a self-driving car would avoid an accident how do we sharpen the senses of a rider and give them superpowers.

  • The Forcite system is not just a cool helmet with a camera and some audio but a complete I.O.T networked product that is first of its kind. When the wearer puts the helmet on the product snycs to the Forcite Command servers that are pulling over a million data points about the world around you every millisecond. The helmet uses this information to help you navigate to work, avoid police and speed traps, oil on the road but even find free parking. It's like your guardian angel on the roads.

  • This product is much needed in the industry, with today's technology this device will save riders lives by advanced detection and protect them in court by recording footage. As the world rapidly moves towards a future of self-driving vehicles, where does this leave riders? The Forcite system will connect them to the greater world of vehicles and cities so that self-driving pizza truck does not hit you or the Google exec in their new Tesla. The data from the helmets will go to fixing high-risk area's and fixing roads.

  • Plain and simple: 1: Alert and navigation LED array system called RAYDAR 2: Full audio and peer to peer communications 3: Automatic recording camera system 4: Complete carbon fibre construction and ultra-lightweight