• 2020

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

Designed By:

  • 7 glyphs Limited

Commissioned By:

Michal Garvey

Designed In:

New Zealand

Foodprint seeks to address the issue of food waste, by providing a platform where eateries can sell otherwise wasted food at discounted prices to environmentally conscious consumers looking to save money.

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  • Food waste is a worldwide issue. Humans overproduce food so much, that we end up throwing ⅓ of it away. In New Zealand, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets produce 50,000 tonnes of food waste annually. That’s a huge amount of waste and it’s damaging to the environment. Over 60% of this waste is preventable as the food is still fit for human consumption. Our biggest design challenge was to create a design interface where the focus is not on discounted food and is, in fact, on reducing food waste.

  • Foodprint provides a practical, easy-to-use solution that is appealing to users and eateries, allowing both to reduce their 'foodprint.' The design interface is created in elegant, simple lines providing a clean and seamless user experience. Eateries sell surplus food, reducing food waste and retaining food value. Users purchase discounted meals while keeping perfectly good food out of landfills. Foodprint creates an opportunity for customers and eateries to practice more sustainable eating everyday, while also catering to New Zealanders who want to dine out, without dining in.

  • - Foodprint launched in Auckland in June 2019 with a bang; receiving 10,000 downloads in its first month and earning 1.2 million digital impressions. - The Foodprint community has saved more than 18,000 kgs of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions in 8 months from purchases through the app. - The app currently has more than 20,000 app users and is working with 250+ Auckland-based eateries. - The app reached Number 13 overall in the Apple app store and second in the food and drink category. - In February 2020, Foodprint launched in Dunedin and has the plan to expand to Wellington in the nearest future.

  • In Foodprint users can: - Discover food available using the interactive map or list view - Order and pay for their food - Follow users favourite eateries to receive notifications when they have food available - Filter the search based on users location and dietary requirements - Search specific food items to satisfy users cravings - Leave a review of the experience for the eatery to see - See all previous orders - Invite friends to join you in rescuing food - Track how much money they saved - Track how much carbon they've saved - Securely store users credit cards for easy purchasing