Flo-Smart Beverage Dispensing Systems

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Flo-Smart is the world’s first automated hands free, 4-pour, chilled line milk dispensing system, designed and manufactured locally in Australia. Flo-Smart changes the way beverages are stored, pumped and dispensed across the hospitality market; ultimately improving quality, speed of delivery, efficiency, and importantly helping the environment by reducing waste.

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  • Synthesis, Form & Function, were at the heart of the design challenge for Flo-Smart. A dispensing solution that seamlessly integrates into the aesthetics of a café or restaurant; a solution that is engineered with useability and ergonomics of the user always, front and centre. This synthesis, is then engineered and importantly calibrated, to deliver exact amounts of beverage(s) every single time, over the life of the product. Through a combined 90+ years of engineering experience, the design team at Flo-Smart is able to bring a best in class experience for both the operator and the customer.

  • The Flo-Smart design solution, was premised on allowing milk(s) and other beverages to be stored remotely, then piped to the point of sale via refrigerated lines, thus freeing up valuable space at the counter; the system is fully software configurable arguably a world first, ensuring calibrated delivery of the beverage every single time. Flo-Smart’s custom beverage storage dispenser, semi-automated cleaning regime, reduces the need for manual handling of beverages, improving the OH&S dynamic within the environment. Reducing the need for plastic bottles by potentially filling our containers at the source, underpins the “Green” credentials of the design.

  • Flo-Smart’s design impact, is centred around the capacity to dispense up to four different types of chilled beverage to one location in a seamless software-controlled environment. Operator intervention and liquid waste is minimised, as the jug size is automatically detected; the beverage is then calibrated and dispensed to a pre-set value, this we believe is a first in the hospitality/café industry. The Flo-Smart environmental remit, is very simply premised on reducing the use of plastics in the industry, through the systematic use of custom “bulk milk storage” and delivery solutions potentially filled at the source.

  • Flo-Smart dispenses a variety of beverages and milk types into custom jug configurations. By pushing the metal jug into the Flo-Smart Touch dispenser, the jug size is detected and the required volume is dispensed. 18 litre containers are filled with the beverage required, these are placed into the fridge and connected with quick disconnect fittings ready to dispense. The beverage is then purged into the lines until the dispenser pours liquid. The touch screen controller is fully customisable displaying your beverages being dispensed and with the touch of a button, the jugs sizes are programmed and your required volumes stored. In short: Hands free “walk away” operation • Flo-Sense automatic volume filling • Pouring of any pulp and sentiment free still beverages including milks, juices, cold brew tea and coffee • Standard 2 or 4 tap pouring solutions • 2 Tap simultaneous pouring • Fully customisable controls • Comes standard with quick connect 18 litre re-fillable containers. • Stylish design with easy to clean surfaces. • Semi-automated scheduled cleaning with data logging. • Convenient built-in jug rinser.