Fiskars Norden Cookware

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Fiskars Finland Oy Ab
  • Fiskars Functional EMEA R&D

Commissioned By:

Fiskars Finland Oy Ab

Fiskars Functional EMEA R&D

Designed In:


The Fiskars Norden cast iron and stainless steel cookware products are inspired by Nordic cooking traditions and have been designed to guarantee the best cooking results and ease of maintenance for high temperature frying and slow cooking dishes.

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  • Combining design and traditional manufacturing methods to a modern functional product that is true to its Nordic roots.

  • The unique Thermium™ mineral treatment applied to cast iron cookware, stainless steel frying pans and roasting dishes creates a non-stick like surface that is suitable for even the most delicate ingredients, as well as the most advanced requirements for high heat searing. The Thermium™ mineral treatment allows ingredients to be pre-fried before further oven cooking, without them sticking to the surface of the pam, so that all the flavors and juices can be absorbed to savor the final dish.

  • Thermium™ non-stick properties together with the pure Nordic cooking traditions’ inspired design make Norden cookware range a unique product range in the market.

  • **cast iron** Ø 240 fryingpan, Ø 260 fryingpan, Ø 260 grillpan, Ø 280 fryingpan 4 l casserole, 5 l casserole, 6 l casserole **steel** Ø 240 fryingpan, Ø 260 fryingpan, Ø 280 fryingpan, Ø 260 wok pan, Ø280roastingdish, Ø 280 sautepan 1,8 l saucepan, 2,5 l saucepan, 3 l casserole, 5 l casserole