Fishi Business

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

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Fishi Business Mentone

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The conceptual design for Fishi Business is to re-embrace the natural environment and connections between occupants and fishers, refills organic energy of the ocean into the store. The conversation revolves around the relationship between the sea, the earth and the other related living beings.

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  • Transferring a natural, organic idea into a contemporary retail shopping environment setting proved to be challenging in this project. Additionally, the design documentation and manufacturing process were intricate to the irregularity and large sizes of the white metal mesh panels. It triggered structural concerns, transportation method and installation procedure due to limited timeframe. Illumination planning is critical in this project. Location of lighting elements are to be placed selectively to avoid affecting the illuminance of the shopfront. We are required to comprehend the program of each principle area and design accordingly to it's necessity.

  • Material selection has been carried out intricately to find the most appropriate elements which evoke the essence of a fishery setting. White-washed timber cladding is chosen for the appearance of soft white finish, varying timber tones, and the depiction of natural wood nobs. Cosy lighting ambience is created at the front of house to have a welcoming shopping environment, while warm colour lighting temperature is planned diligently for illuminating fresh produces and presenting them in their best conditions to shoppers. Moreover, a high level of brightness is planned for the back-of-house so that preparation work can be carried out.

  • The layout is planned attentively to fabricate a smooth circulation for accommodating stock delivery service, intense customers flow as well as fast-paced staff-working condition, bringing a positive impact on business performance. The main entrance is designed with a neutral tone and natural material intentionally, for achieving an unpretentious but stimulating backdrop to portray the seafood products and generate an immediate visual connection between shoppers to the merchandise. For environmental impact, sourcing local materials is our main approach in creating a sustainable design. It gives us the control over the materials to prevent any material wastage and avoid long-distance transportation.

  • The conceptual design pivots around the essence of fishery life. The use of colour is delicate and natural. Mint green tiles represent the intrinsic nature of surrounding vegetation and under the sea. Whitewashed timber panels complement the green tone flawlessly, demonstrates clear shallow waters.. The suspended white mesh screen feature from the ceiling is a metaphor of fishing nets. It blends into the design coherently which reminds us of freshness from the sea. The planked walls and counter with whitewashed panel is inspired by the form of wooden shipping crates. A fine touch of ash grey flooring with its indirect affinity to natural cement accentuates the rugged touch to the interior finish. The selection of marine pendant and wall lights in rustic metal cage echoes the submarine industrial nautical character. With a light and clean aesthetic and well-spaced welcoming entrance, as well as the separation of loading entry with a white mesh door, the free flow circulation at the front and processing corridor to the rooms for fish processing and storage articulates the consideration of functionality of each single corner. A generous opening from the back of house provides ample of light and opens up small space.