Fenster Collection by Gibson Karlo for DesignByThem

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • GibsonKarlo (Sarah Gibson & Nicholas Karlovasitis)

Commissioned By:


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Inspired by European steel-framed windows, the Fenster Seating Collection is a playful, transparent dialogue between lightness and structural detail. The seating collection utilises acrylic and a black stainless steel frame to create versatile, sophisticated and durable pieces. Designed by Gibson Karlo (Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis) for DesignByThem.

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Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
Image: Pete Daly
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  • The Fenster indoor/outdoor range includes a dining chair, bar chair, low stool and bar stool that challenge the status quo of on-trend materials and outdoor furniture possibilities. The design brief for Fenster was to create a versatile, elegant and durable seating collection with an aesthetic and sophistication that challenges the status quo of on-trend contemporary materials as well as blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture.

  • The designers were inspired by the beauty of black steel frame windows and wanted to capture the elegance and lightness achieved when a transparent material is set against a darker frame. This led to the use of impact-resistant acrylic and a powder-coated stainless steel frame. To keep the aesthetic balanced and light, it was imperative to refine proportions and focus on the junctions between the clear and solid elements. The use of sturdy acrylic with bold round edges was critical to refracting light and creating highlights, giving the pieces a strong presence by utilising one of the material’s unique characteristics.

  • When we were creating the brief for the Fenster collection we wanted to show that there is still plenty of creative freedom left for brands and designers to do something different and uncompromised — That there are risks in design to be taken in order to surprise and delight people. We believe that the Fenster range truly stands out and achieves its aesthetic and functional objectives in what is an incredibly crowded market of similar products whilst benefiting both commercial and residential users.

  • As acrylic is a thermoplastic, the seat does not heat up when left in the sun. Along with its powder-coated stainless steel frame, the design is UV stable and completely waterproof, allowing Fenster to be enjoyed inside or outside. "We always want to push ourselves to create unique pieces that will surprise and delight people. We also wanted to take acrylic, a material that has many preconceptions, and use it in a way that was welcoming, sophisticated and satisfies all the practical requirements of durable furniture. " - Nicholas Karlovasitis and Sarah Gibson