FCS Freedom Leash

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Surf Hardware International
  • Michael Durante
  • Scott Norrie
  • Nick Notara
  • Joshua Hall

Commissioned By:

Surf Hardware International

Designed In:


The FCS Freedom Leash features a revolutionary new cord, that by diameter, is lighter and stronger than any other cord. With a focus on strength and minimalism, every component in the leash has been re-designed to complement the cord, creating a leash that also has less drag and tangling.

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  • The FCS Industrial Design team set out to enhance the surf leash in every way possible. Feedback from our Athletes and customers drove a brief centered around creating the ultimate leash - one that felt like it wasn't there. This meant we had to find a way to reduce weight and tangling without sacrificing strength. Early on it became apparent that a mono material cord (the TPU cord that exists on all current surf leashes) would be insufficient in meeting these challenges.

  • We exceeded the brief in every aspect - starting with the revolutionary new cord. By developing a new over-braided high tensile surf leash manufacturing process, we were able to reduce the diameter of the cord and through controlled testing, we proved to also increase it's strength. An extended horn length, a hydrodynamic rail saver and a molded pull tab, combined with the proprietary cord resulted in a innovative, high performance surf leash that has set a new benchmark in this product category.

  • The FCS Freedom Leash is a truly unique Surf Leash that has pushed design boundaries. The Leash is a complete re-design from end to end and represents the biggest evolution in this design space over the past two decades. As the leash uses less materials to create, has improved longevity and is designed to return to its original length (instead of over-stretch), there are not only commercial advancements derived from this new product, but also improvements in sustainability.

  • Cuff: Silicone Grip Print - Reduces lipping around ankle. 3MM Neoprene Padding - Thin, light and comfortable. Low Profile Molded Velcro - Stronger and more reliable. Lightweight Molded pull tab - Ergonomic, quick release. Foam filled composite horn - Lighter, shock absorbing. Extended horn length - Reduces back foot tangling. Cord: High Tensile Over-braided - Lighter and Stronger. Thinner + more hydrodynamic - Less drag, surf faster. Over-stretch limiter - Designed to return to original length. Reduces tangling. Stainless steel swivels - Uninterrupted motion. Rail Saver: Streamlined Design - Less drag, thinner and lighter. Packaging: Recycled paper pulp tray with pet lid - both recyclable Simple yet functional geometry - reduces any residual kinking via wrapping the cord around a large radius