Fairlight Mixing Console

  • 2020

  • Digital

Designed By:

  • Alex Creedy, Alana Manning
  • Alex Diaz, Matt Dowling
  • Mio Hu, Mathieu Henrijean
  • Marcio Lima, Hailey Choi
  • James O'Shea , Denny Trieu

Commissioned By:

Blackmagic Design

Designed In:


The Fairlight Mixing Console, is a professional Audio editing, Sound Design, and Sound Mixing desk, for Film and Television. The Console has a modular design making it affordable and scalable to any production size. From the single user mixing for Indie films to larger post-production facilities making Hollywood features.

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  • Re-design the existing Fairlight products. Understand the complexities of sound design and sound mixing, research and understand the different steps in the workflow. Assess both the strengths and weaknesses of the existing panels. Analyse how Fairlight products compare to other products in the industry. Ensure both the UI and the usability logic is consistent and groups the products as one product family. The panels are a tool to the Audio Editor/Mixer and should support their work values and priorities ie. to work quickly and efficiently and build muscle memory.

  • The Sound Designer needs quick access to every tool available from the console, but not all the time. Supporting the top level functions and not overcomplicating the workflow allows the user to focus on the creative task at hand. The design system guides the user when working across this huge array of audio parameters, effects and varied workflows. Sound Designers need confidence to make decisions in their mix quickly and intuitively. Clear feedback in the interface of what is being modified in the sound mix when using the physical controls gives another level of assurance beyond what can be heard.

  • Sound mixing can be an expensive industry to get into and also expensive for smaller studios trying to expand. The competitive lower prices of the Fairlight panels makes them more accessible than other mixing panels. Having this greater accessibility to the equipment means audio is no longer an afterthought in post-production, more people have the opportunity to get into Sound Design and projects will get the audio quality they deserve. The Fairlight software and hardware supports freelancers, small studios and larger studios offering a scalable workspace for sound designers as they grow in the industry.

  • The Fairlight console has been designed for speed and efficiency, the visual design supports this focussed goal. Between the software and the control panel, users gain direct access to hundreds of controls, parameters & DaVinci Resolve specific features. Because of this considerable focus was given to the hierarchy of information, creating order through the visual design. Colour, weight and font sizes, guide and direct the user’s attention. Clear divisions in the interface create structured segments that become; easy to digest groups of information. Information graphs have been designed with precision for the technical user, and adapted per screen, giving visual support to common audio effects such as equalisation, compression, and 3D panning. Unique to the Fairlight Audio Editor is a set of dynamic buttons, the buttons transform to different functions depending on what section you are in. Carefully constructed icons and unambiguous text ensure clarity to the function associated with the button. Understanding the film industry is high pressure and working long hours is considered the norm, the console has been designed with a dark background to give relief to the users’ eyes, working long hours.