eyePressure Tonometer

  • 2016

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    Medical and Scientific

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Ingeneus Pty Ltd

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Eye conditions like glaucoma are detected by measuring eye pressure. Early detection can prevent blindness and reduce resource loads on the healthcare system.

The Ingeneus eyePressure© Tonometer provides Primary Health Care workers with a convenient device to assess eye pressure, leading to the cost effective early detection of glaucoma.

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  • This device has been designed in conjunction with the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital for use by a wide range of medical professionals, such as nurses, GPs and ancillary staff. Existing diagnostic devices are typically only used by specialists such at Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. eyePressure is a compact, hand held lightweight device. Designed for convencience, the single use product has a simple color-coded dial that's easy to interpret. For example, as an assessment tool in a hospital's ER, the consulting nurse can identify high priority patients through a traffic light system, where red means urgent attention required; yellow means review required soon; and green means within normal limits

  • It can be difficult to use traditional tonometry equipment on patients with a limited range of motion or that are bed ridden. This device has been designed to operate in any orientation. The device conforms to the patient, rather than the other way around. Unlike larger, expensive diagnostic equipment, the eyePressure is always available. As a single use device conveniently packed in a dispensing box, the eyePressure is on hand whenever it is required, in any part of the hospital or clinic.

  • The price range of traditional eye pressure measuring equipment is typically between $5,000 and $15,000. For less than $40, the eyePressure device is the world's first affordable, disposable tonometer. Combining its low cost and ease of use, eye pressure assessment is now more available in all primary health care facilities. With Glaucoma now amongst the leading causes of blindness, this simple assessment tool will allow screening of large patient populations by general medical staff. Early diagnosis and treatment could prevent blindness in millions of people worldwide.

  • Glaucoma has no noticeable symptoms in its early stages. As with many medical conditions, early detection results in faster, lower cost and more effective patient outcomes. Not only will this device allow assessment of larger populations, but it will detect abnormal eye pressure before it becomes a more serious issue. Early intervention can slow disease progression, reduce the need for surgery and often save a patient's vision before it's too late.

    Initial clinical evaluations have shown excellent correlation between the eyePressure device and the gold standard Goldmann Applanation tonometer. Also, repeatability studies show that in the hands of an inexperienced user the same results can be achieved as an eye care specialist. Providing a low cost and accurate assessment device to more medical professionals minimizes false alarms and frees up the hospitals and specialized equipment to focus on the patients who need it most. This will become even more important as the population ages.