CFX Opus Real-Time PCR System

  • 2021

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc

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The CFX Opus is a molecular biology instrument used in a wide range of research, diagnostic and industrial applications. From cancers and infectious diseases to drinking water and food safety, the Australian designed instrument sets new temperature uniformity benchmarks in the detection and amplification of DNA.

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  • The key design challenge in developing Bio-Rad's next generation qPCR system centred on transforming the instrument's usability and results consistency. This required deep user insights from observing lab technicians and scientists, to understanding automation integration and connectivity needs. The target customer input and knowledge was then translated into a physically compact device which would provide higher throughputs, more intuitive usability, consistently reproducible and accurate analysis & highly accessible data.

  • Beyond the visually bold aesthetic, embedded qPCR technology and an intuitive UI, the Melbourne & Californian design teams developed unique mechanical and functional elements to deliver class leading lab productivity, and consistently accurate analysis. - A revolutionary retractable optical shuttle replaces a traditional pivoting optics head over a fixed sample compartment, improving well-plate accessibility and reducing the working envelope. These aspects and the adjustable touchscreen allows banks of instruments to be conveniently operated in space saving vertical racks. - Patented thermal block provides precise temperature uniformity to each well of the 96 or 384 well plate; and across run-to-run and device-to-device.

  • In an uncertain future, the CFX Opus is a device that global genomic researchers, and health, environmental and quality departments will rely upon. Its consistency, flexibility and throughput are crucial for authorities to quickly examine outbreaks, map clusters, identify super-spreading events, mutant strains, understand behaviours that spread disease or harm, or release drug products. 2020 stretched laboratories performance like never before. The importance of game changing analytics, like CFX Opus, that can deliver faster, more accurate results combined with high throughput has measurable impact across society as a whole in the world's fight against COVID-19, cancers and other genetic diseases.

  • CFX Opus' design maximises capacity within laboratories where space is almost always at a premium: - Its unique retractable optical shuttle in conjunction with the lid design allows low-height clearance to fit under low lab bench shelving or vertically stacked in multi-unit racks. - The device's back-set centre of mass and footing placement facilitates the CFX Opus touch screen to safely overhang on shallow benchtops. - All common user inputs and USB port are front facing. This, combined with the front-to-rear airflow, achieves clear 3-sided access for automated set-ups or relatively close side-by-side device placement without compromising thermal performance. For in-lab use - Touch screen pivots for ideal input/control across a broad range of operator heights or devices mounted in vertical racks. - The full width status light wraps around the sides allowing operators to readily scan the cycle progress from across the lab. BIO-RAD is a trademark of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.