Evorie baby feeding bottles

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Blue Sky Design Group

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The Evorie feeding bottle range is designed to make feeding babies milk and formula easy, safe and enjoyable. This unique range of feeding bottles have a modular, scalable design that is updatable as the baby grows, ensuring that their feeding, health and development is optimised.

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  • The design brief for the Evorie feeding bottles was to create a range of bottles to be used for feeding breast milk and formula to babies aged from newborn to 12 months old, and beyond. The challenge was to create bottle designs that made the parents life easier during the feeding process, and facilitated their needs during this busy and often stressful time. It was important that the bottles were adaptable and modular to allow them to be configured depending on the age of the baby and the requirements of the parents.

  • The design solution created is a range of feeding bottles with two capacities, 160mL and 240mL, and available with and without handles. Each bottle is made from modular components allowing the teat, handles and bottles caps to all be fully changeable and adaptable as the baby grows. This design solution exceeded the brief by creating a system based solution rather that a single product based solution. The bottle designs empower the parents in feeding their baby and optimise the delivery of the milk or formula from birth to 12 months old and beyond.

  • Commercially, the Evorie baby feeding bottles are a high quality, safe, ergonomic and unique range of products at an affordable price to customers. This unique selling proposition provides Evorie with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Environmentally, the bottles are made from fully separable, recyclable, polymer components to allow the materials to be recycled at end of life. Socially the baby bottles meet the absolute need of providing optimum feeding of babies for the first year of their life. In doing this they also reduce complexity and the associated stress to the parents.

  • The bottle components are made from high quality, BPA free materials including Tritan for the bottles and super soft, high grade silicone for the teats. Tritan is a food grade engineering polymer which has high clarity (>90%), is impact resistant and can withstand high temperatures of dishwashing and sterilisation without clouding. The bottle system is modular and interchangeable, allowing users to change the teats as the baby develops. A range of 5 teats, from slow flow SS teats for newborns up to high flow cross cut teats for 12 months and over means that the baby is always receiving the optimum flow of milk for their age. All teats have an integrated anti-colic system built into their design. The bottles have a clip-on handle system which can be added to the bottles to allow babies to learn to hold the bottle and self-feed as they grow. The elegant tapered forms of the bottles is unique, functional and streamlined. The rounded shapes of the bottles allow them to be easily cleaned and sterilised as well as friendly to handle and store. The unique lid design is ergonomic to use and doesn’t roll away when placed on a table.