Evolve GT Carbon series

  • 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Jeff Anning

Commissioned By:

Evolve Skateboards

Designed In:


The Evolve Carbon GT Series is an aesthetically unique electric skateboard focusing on power, performance and versatility. The board has a powerful 3000 watt dual brushless motor system, a lithium ion battery allowing long lasting performance and a versatile truck setup giving the rider options to swap between different wheels to tackle a variety of terrain such as street, dirt or grass. The GT Carbon board was created after listening to our customers and cements the legacy of previous models, continuing our vision of simplicity coupled with performance.

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  • The GT carbon series board is stylish, sexy and tough, all in one package. It's the Ferrari of electric skateboards! The unique part of this board having the electrics completely encased within the carbon fibre deck which makes it look like a normal longboard skateboard. The deck has also been shaped with a unique 'W' concave where the rider stands, allowing for the feet to lock into place giving maximum control. The two small motors on the rear of the board with the wider axles on the trucks gives it a low profile F1 race car look.

  • Firstly, the dual brushless motors power the board up insanely steep hills of up to 25 degree gradient with ease. Having said this, it's extremely easy to control with the small wireless hand held remote. There are 4 speed modes (slow, ECO, Fast and GT) so the beginner can easily and safely learn to use the board whilst the more advanced rider will be taken on a journey of excitement riding the endless wave. We have used a quality lithium ion battery allowing the user to ride for up to 50km/charge reaching speeds of up to 40km/hr. The truck system is unique as the user can change the wheels on the board to suit their preferred riding surfaces from street to grass.

  • The GT Carbon board can be used by both the beginner and expert rider. We achieved this by setting 4 speed modes into the remote settings - Slow, Eco, Fast and GT mode. Each mode has a specific setting- for example, the slow speed mode only goes a max of 8km/hr with very slow acceleration making it perfect for the first time user. We have also created a weight sensor, so the board will only work once there is someone standing on it, once the user steps off the board it will not work, this conforms to international CE safety standards.

  • This is our number one focus when making this board. We have mindfully chosen the best materials for each part of the board. For example, the structural parts we use have the strongest material such as Carbon Fibre and CNC 6063Al for some of the aluminium. Our truck design is made using a gravity casting method for best strengthwhilst allowing us to manufacture quickly. All the components are made using our own tools (including the wheels and hubs) so we have full control of material choice for each component. Our electric system has gone through all the international regulation certifications to allow us to supply our global markets.

    Our GT releases early May 2016. We have already made and sold 1000 being shipped in April to our distributors around the world. The Carbon GT is priced slightly higher than our exiting carbon board however the customer does get a lot more for their money. Our Gen1 series carbon board has been a massive success over the past 2 years throughout all our international markets. This new GT Carbon will go nuts within our existing customer base and set new standards in the electric skateboard industry.

    Our new GT remote has an LCD screen that talks to the battery giving real time user info on battery status,along with speed and distance travelled. No other electric board that is currently available on the market has this feature. The GT Carbon board also has the battery and motor controller 100% built into the CF deck making it look like a normal skateboard.There is no other electric skateboard in the world that has interchangeable wheel options on the same axle allowing the rider to enjoy the full potential of smooth or off-road surfaces.