EVERYDAY Australian Design

  • 2022

  • Architectural
    Installation Design

Designed By:

  • Ian Wong
  • Jo Pritchard
  • Dr Indae Hwang

Commissioned By:

Shepparton Art Museum

Designed In:


EVERYDAY Australian Design is an exhibition of objects from the Ian Wong Collection that celebrate Australian daily life and our culture. Many of these products are Australian design icons. The repetition of everyday objects across nine colour block shelves provides insight into changes in materials, processes, and culture on design.

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Image: John Gollings
Image: Jo Pritchard
Image: Jo Pritchard
Image: Cam Matheson
Image: Jo Pritchard
Image: Ian Wong
Image: John Gollings
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  • Shepparton Art Museum commissioned the exhibition to engage audience in the cafe double sided showcases as part of the inaugural program at the new Denton Corker Marshall designed building. Curator Ian Wong was from Shepparton and the Ian Wong Collection is stored locally. A work that focussed on familiar everyday objects was key to delivering an engaging and welcoming window into the new SAM for the local community. The Lakeside location also encouraged ideas of picnic and objects associated with our outdoor lifestyle. The curatorial work resulted the selection of over 800 objects from more than 100 Australian designers

  • Color blocking the selected objects into nine double sided nested installations with little or no support elements was an inspired design solution. Sustainable design practice was a key consideration with almost no manufactured exhibition elements. The setups were prototyped one to one over months with new objects acquired during the design stage to enhance each color and balance the entire installation. The design solution considered many factors including; viewing height, double sided viewing, light on transparent objects, scale, and layering. Repetition of objects across the colors emphasised mass produced objects. Labels were delivered in an app from a QR code.

  • The impact of the project was well beyond the primary objective as an engaging installation in the SAM Cafe. Social media allowed images to be shared, the digital labels enabled off site content engagement, and a series of floor talks engaged with the local and broader design community.

  • Objects on display were from the 1880s to the present day.