espresso displays

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Will Scuderi
  • Fabian Maritato
  • Scott Mckeon
  • Gary Caldarola

Commissioned By:

Will Scuderi

Designed In:


The thinnest portable display that pairs with your laptop or smartphone to provide you with added productivity on-the-go. The espresso display is 5mm thick, made from aluminium, and connects to your devices using USB Type-C. Its conception was from the recognising that we are on-the-go, and creativity isn’t office bound.

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  • We were a bunch of students wanting to be productive at uni, but our 13 inch laptops weren't allowing that... Ever try to do CAD on a 13 inch laptop when your assignment is due tomorrow? Ever try to finish a thesis on a word processor whilst simultaneously browsing the internet for relevant articles on a 13 inch laptop? You can't. We challenged ourselves to come up with a solution for that problem. How can we maintain the capability and productivity we have when we are at our offices whilst being on-the-go, at uni, at coffee shops, your workspace anywhere.

  • After countless concepts, we settled on a portable display that was powered by USB from your laptop/smartphone. We started a company, flew to China, made some prototypes. We needed up with a 5mm thick aluminium chassis with a bright IPS LED display with steel plates in the back that connects to a range of compatible accessories with magnets inside that allow the user to use the display anywhere. The display connects to your laptop or smartphones Thunderbolt/Type-C port which sends power and video to the display. It brings touch functionality to your MacBook or PC.

  • This design that started in the heads of 2 Aussie uni students led to a crowdfunding campaign that raised almost 500k AUD, launched a company and productivity brand, and is being trialled in businesses like Atlassian and universities like UTS, as a way for employee to be productive wherever they are. It gave business and engineering/operation experience to uni students who have been interning with espresso both locally in Australia, as well as in Shenzhen, China, where the team has spent months building the operational capability to get this design into the hands of over 2000 people in 23 countries.

  • - It was reviewed in the Australian Financial Review just recently by John Davidson. - reviewed by cult of Mac --> - First touch screen monitor for Mac, drivers are available to download for our users. Lets them customise gestures so they can have control over their Mac, e.g. too finger swipe from bottom can bring up app management, check out our demo here!--> - Was the first time experience for product design by many of the team. - The touch screen is one of the first screens to be used as a consumer touch display for Mac. - Touch glass is G+G, meaning its glass on glass, similar to what is used in iPads post 2018. Works great as a drawing pad. - 5mm thick containing a LED driver board, speakers, touch controller, steel plates for magnetic connectivity, two layers of glass, brightness/volume controller. - Accessories include VESA magnetic mounts and portable mount that carry the full weight of the display, meaning it 'snaps' on to your VESA mount and then can slip straight into your bag to continue your work on-the-go.