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  • 2022

  • Digital
    Apps and Software

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  • espresso Displays
  • Rahul Nath - Design Lead
  • Chris Hook - Engineering Lead
  • Will Scuderi - Co-Founder
  • Emily Marcos - Product Designer

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espresso Displays

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espressoFlow is software designed for illustrators, designers, animators, note-takers and collaborators who use the espresso Display. Using the espressoPen, the software turns the portable monitor into a multi-faceted creative tablet where you can draw, design, annotate and interact with your favourite apps on Mac/PC, as if it were paper.

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  • Hybrid working has emerged as a result of COVID-19. Teams are digitally trying to recreate communal whiteboards and brainstorming sessions with a mouse/trackpad. The loss of this natural communication is inconvenient, inefficient and reduces collaboration. The old way of working is unlikely to return and this means companies need tools that keep teams productive and communicative. Furthermore, workers are having to adopt a more on-the-go and agile work setup and it’s becoming cumbersome to transport multiple devices that are necessary to execute their work. Workers are at times sacrificing productivity for convenience when selecting what devices to commute with.

  • espressoFlow enables creatives and teams to use an espressoDisplay as a multifaceted tool that increases screen real estate and enables different modes to deliver end-to-end work on one device. This eliminates the need for third party products (e.g. drawing tablets) and it’s compatible across both the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems. Creators can produce work that is more advanced, innovative and enjoyable compared to paper and minimize how much data they have to transfer between external tablets. During meetings, corporate teams can convey ideas efficiently and visually with the ability to annotate and draw solutions on collaboration apps.

  • Commercially: espressoFlow unlocks productivity benefits for users on top of the creative features. The software allows them to arrange all their monitors into an ideal configuration, faster and painlessly. This is effective for when users are switching constantly between the home and office environment and require different desk setups in each scenario. With espressoFlow multiple setups can be saved and launched with one click. Moreover, the espressoPen intelligently changes its functionality based on the app being used. Colleagues will also be able to directly draw on top of other's work to give fast and effective feedback which can be saved.

  • >espressoFlow builds upon previous espresso software that enables touch for Mac, a feature that is rare for Mac products yet benefits multiple industries who exist within the Apple ecosystem (e.g. digital artists, agencies, animators etc.). This touch functionality unlocks other sophisticated features such as pressure sensitivity which is useful for animating, texturing and 3D modeling. >The espressoPen is a new espresso accessory. Its reactive tip will allow users to unlock the pressure sensitivity feature. It’s smooth and matte finished barrel fully immerses users within espresso’s premium product ecosystem. The ‘rubber’ end functions as an eraser. There’s a finger button that can also access shortcuts. All of these features can be customised through espressoFlow. >espressoFlow also allows users to configure their workspace setup, including where to position their primary device in relation to the espresso Display and rotate the screen landscape to portrait mode automatically with the AutoRotate function. This AutoRotate feature is rare and not available in many other displays or Mac displays. >espressoFlow also allows users to change volume, brightness, contrast and screen mode easily, in one place. espressoFlow also has an auto-update function so users can access new and innovative features, for free, multiple times a year.