EnPointe Fencing Wireless Display Box

  • 2020

  • Next Gen

Designed By:

  • Rachel Muir-Smith
  • Tony Grubman
  • Callum Laurenson

Commissioned By:

EnPointe Fencing Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The EnPointe Scoring Display is the latest product using EnPointe’s patented wireless fencing technology. This removes the need for costly and non-portable wires/reels in the sport of fencing. The new Scoring Display increases portability, reliability, and includes accessibility features to lead the industry in performance and inclusive design.

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Image: Photographer: Justin Powell
Image: Photographer: Justin Powell
Image: Photographer: Justin Powell
  • MORE
  • - To develop a portable fencing scoring machine that allows people to quickly set up to fence in a short period of time with competition-level reliability for all three fencing disciplines: Sabre, Épée, and Foil. - To provide a convenient solution for clubs that don’t have a permanent space/schools. - To develop and manufacture at a price point that reduces the cost of entry for new clubs and players. - To improve the accessibility for fencers, referees, and coaches with red-green and blue-yellow colour blindness.

  • - We developed a lightweight, wireless scoring machine that, unlike other systems on the market, does not require calibration or additional equipment and is therefore easy to transport, quick to set up, and intuitive to use. - By investing in good design for manufacture, we were able to reduce the labour costs associated with Australian manufacturing of the product, and offer a more competitive price and a better product than other scoring solutions on the market. - We designed and tested several features to improve user accessibility, including for those with colour blindness.

  • - Does not require existing club resources, (reels, a scoring machine, AC Power, a permanent venue) making it financially accessible for a wider range of clubs and opening up the fencing market to individual players for at-home use. - Allows people to get involved in fencing who would have been previously financially unable to do so. - Significantly cheaper for clubs than a wired reel system, which requires continuous ongoing maintenance and associated costs - Built to last and built to be improved, with customer updates and loyalty in mind - Reduces hazardous wiring in a sporting environment - Inclusive features for people with visual/auditory impairments

  • - Information lights for fencers — often in fencing, malfunctioning sporting equipment (such as their weapon or lamé) can cause unreliable scoring. In an industry first, the EnPointe Display Box provides fencers with the detailed information to troubleshoot scoring errors, by alerting them to exactly what is causing an error. - The same level of scoring reliability as EnPointe’s tournament system, which has been used at international FIE fencing tournaments. - Variable display brightness for use indoors in clubs, as well as outside in bright sunlight - Super portable design, coming in at 800g – less than a tenth of the weight of traditional scoring equipment. - Excellent battery life of minimum 60 hours of playing time at standard brightness. - An expected lifetime of at least 10 years - built to last, not to be replaced. - Free Bluetooth software updates available for all customers as we continue to take on customer feedback and update the product. - Inclusive visual display for those with red/green and blue/yellow colour blindness. - Inclusive auditory scoring tones, allowing fencers to distinguish tones specific to their game in a busy competition setting, as well as assisting those with auditory processing issues to better distinguish the direction and distance of scoring sounds.