• 2023

  • Next Gen

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Sylvia Musel

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Haze-Way is a Bluetooth device connected to an application that helps asthmatics monitor the air quality around them. It is a small portable companion that can be used in many environments and locations providing information on air quality to improve confidence in users.

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  • A high percentage of asthmatics suffer from serious asthma attacks during bushfire sessions. The smoke produced from fires released toxic particles into the air which can trigger asthma symptoms. Challenge Statement: How might we design a product which assists those with asthma during bushfire seasons, so that they are able to live without fear when air quality is hazardous?

  • The HAZE-WAY is a portable device which is designed with asthmatics in mind. It allows users to monitor air quality both inside and outside. The accurate sensor inside collects the air and produces a coloured light which indicates the overall air quality. The partnered application allows users to see these readings in detail as well as log asthma triggers and symptoms. The design is expressive yet functional, the adjustable strap can be altered to fit any bag or keys. No other product on the market can provide asthmatics with an all-inclusive and intuitive experience.

  • Many asthmatics struggle with confidence when in public spaces during events such as bushfires. This device can also be used during other situations such as dust storms or when air quality is poor due to pollution. Allowing users to be confident in public environments will encourage them to leave their homes feeling safe and whether a protective face mask is needed. Risk reduction: Allows users to monitor air quality even before a bushfire to reduce the likelihood of asthma attacks. Provides relief: Supports asthmatics during bushfire sessions. It allows them to respond and make decisions on their health

  • - An application which provides more information, asthma diary, air quality status, and all logs on a visual map. - A tactile design which sits comfortably in the user's hand and acts as a little companion. - An adjustable band which can be hooked onto a bag, purse, etc. - Made with injection moulding which can be easily mass-produced - Provides live feedback: HAZE-WAY’s light is based on the Australian air quality category. This is a system which is categorised by certain colours to indicate the air quality in a certain environment. Green = Good, Yellow = Fair, Orange = Poor, Red = Very Poor, Purple = Extremely poor - A reading can be taken from either the button located on the side of the device or the application. The side of the HAZE-WAY is lined with mesh which captures passing air. The air is then monitored by the internal sensor. This then updates the phone application and produces a colour light - Air quality sensor picks up a reading of fine particles such as PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter).