Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

  • 2022

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Take your sleep to the next level with the Emma Diamond Hybrid. Designed as a foam + spring hybrid mattress, it provides optimal cushioning with its 7-zone back support and features the Emma Diamond Degree® patented technology that makes sure your temperature is ideal for a full night’s sleep.

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  • Getting a good night's rest plays such an important role in boosting our immune systems and cognitive abilities, and yet 75% of Aussies have sleep problems, so the Emma Sleep Lab conducted a study to understand why. We found that 33.5% of the population have their sleep disturbed by night sweats at least once a week, while 24% reported to have trouble sleeping due to back pain. As Emma specialises in providing everyone the perfect sleep experience, we designed a product that has all the needed features to give you the sleep you deserve.

  • We spend about a third of our lives asleep and when it comes to creating the optimal sleep environment, the right mattress makes a world of difference. The Emma Diamond Hybrid's 7 zones of pocket springs offers dynamic body adaptation and improved support. With its temperature-regulating and pressure-relieving properties, this mattress makes it easy for anyone to invest in their health and wellbeing. While a traditional mattress absorbs body heat, disrupting the sleep cycle, Emma's Diamond Degree® technology releases the heat, allowing the body to enter a deeper sleep cycle and triggering more recovery through the night.

  • Societally, the Emma Diamond Hybrid has proven to be the mattress of champions. Over 88% of the customers who have tried it have reported waking up with no back pain and an undisturbed and restful sleeping experience, even when sleeping with a partner. Designed to bring any sleeper type to the REM sleep stage faster, you wake up with more energy to tackle your day. Commercially, this mattress is one of the few that offer graphite-infused layers, while offering 100 nights to trial it, expanding the choice Aussies have in choosing the perfect mattress for them.

  • The Emma Diamond Hybrid's clear differentiating technology and convenience as a mattress-in-a-box make it the best solution for any type of sleeper who wants to wake up feeling their best everyday. The combination of the individual layers and foams of the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress are ergonomically-designed to adapt to different bodies and sleeping positions. The graphite particles in the top layer absorb excess body heat and distribute it away from the mattress, while the Diamond Degree layer facilitates cool conditions to achieve ideal sleeping temperatures and thus a deeper sleep, faster. All of those complements the dynamic spring core of the mattress which offers improved breathability and support, ensuring better spinal alignment and perfect for people who share the bed. This foam supports you in the right places, where it matters. The Emma Diamond Hybrid, contours your body perfectly alleviating pressure points, as well as distributes your weight evenly. On top of the different layers, the high quality and fully removable mattress cover allows the Diamond Degree graphite foam to dissipate heat even more effectively. Its aerial structure allows the mattress to breathe during the day without obstructing its thermoregulatory action.