Electric Wine Opener

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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An Electric Wine Opener designed specifically for the growing wine consumer market in China. The design was inspired by the Guangzhou Tower, a symbol of one of the most vibrant cities in China.

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  • All products have to correspond to their targeted market and match their specific codes. As wine market is booming in China, especially thanks to young and dynamics executives, CHEER MODA wants to extend their range of product and dedicates a product for this target. CHEER MODA wants as well these young and dynamics executives to associate their wine ritual with CHEER MODA identity. The design should promote the CHEER MODA brand position: an international, entry luxe and comprehensive wine set brand helping wine lover enjoying a life of exquisite taste.

  • The main challenge was to avoid all traditional codes of the wine universe and rethink an Electric Wine Opener in order to modernize its image and anchor CHEER MODA as a leading and modern company of wine appliances. A futuristic design to dynamize the function seems totally relevant. The slender look refers to the general from a the screw use for wine opening. The design line perfectly illustrates the energy and modernity convey by the same line of the Guangzhou Tower. Symbol of this vibrant city, which is, by the way, CHEER MODA headquarters.

  • The design of this Electric Wine Opener brings a modern look to a very traditional function. The purpose is to rejuvenate this image of wine and accentuate the festive and friendly aspect of the wine ritual. CHEER MODA is expected to increase sales due to this new product as they respond to a market demand which is not answer yet on Chinese market. The visual code of this design are familiar to Chinese market and it is most likely to anchor CHEER MODA as the entry luxe wine brand from Guangzhou.

  • The diameter of the body is specially adjusted in order to permit a good prehension. A transparent part has been kept on the lower part and lighted to control easily the cork extraction. The batteries can easily be accessed and replaced from the top. The two-ways on/off button allows to easily extract the cork form the wine bottle and then from the device. This device can be easily use without strength and for this reason can be use by anyone.