Electric Cork Screw

  • 2018

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Phi Design by Frank Rousselin

Commissioned By:

Zhuhai Cheer Technology Co. LTD

Designed In:


The Electric Cork Screw easily removes wine corks with improved function in an elegant and easy to use device.

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  • The Electric Cork Screw is an electric and automatic appliance in a very classical and traditional universe: Wine. Some customers may get confused and dislike using this type of appliances for this traditional function. To arouse customers interest, the visual code of the wine universe has to be respected for most of CHEER MODA clients. They need to be reassured and seduced by a conventional style associated to wine universe.

  • The wine universe is a traditional and precise world. In order to fit in this exquisite and classic universe, the design needed to respect this tradition. The lines are controlled, pure and refined. They convey to a sober aspect highlighted by some rich and authentic details. The design allows a full and total immersion in wine universe and all its values.

  • With values like tradition and expertise, this design allows CHEER MODA to secure its position on the wine appliances market. They were able to increase their sales and market shares. CHEER MODA has reinforced its brand image as specialist in wine accessories and high-end lifestyle. It seems that the design has met clients expectations in respecting the ideology of wine.

  • The functions have been designed to be efficient and simple. The Cork Screw is always visible thanks to the transparency of the lower part. A Foil Cutter accessory has been integrated in the high part. It is easy to take and easy to put back in place thanks to magnets. The two-ways on/off button allows to easily extract the cork form the wine bottle and then from the device. This device can be easily use without strength and for this reason can be use by anyone.