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  • 2014

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Ecto Handplanes recycle broken surfboards into thrilling high speed bodysurfing devices known as handplanes, or handboards/handsurfers. Bodysurfers use the smooth glass surface and buoyancy of the handplane to gain increased speed and hold on all types of waves. The Ecto Handplane has been designed with a unique shape and strap as well as GoPro camera compatibility to provide an exciting product for the Australian tradition of bodysurfing.

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  • The Ecto Handplane increases the thrilling speed and freedom of bodysurfing by allowing bodysurfers to maximise acceleration and hold in all types of waves. The smooth glass surface, buoyancy and slight single concave of the handplane is used by the bodysurfer to push against the moving wave to gain more lift and extraordinary speeds. This process known as 'hydroplaning' or more commonly, 'skimming' across the water is greatly increased by the Ecto Handplane.

  • The Ecto Handplane has a refined shape with a specific volume of buoyancy to effectively increase speed yet the shape also includes a smooth transition between rounded rail edges nearer to the nose and harder rail edges underneath the tail which generates hold in steeper waves. The slight single concave efficiently channels moving water while the rounded square tail boosts wrist comfort. All Ecto Handplanes are signed with dimensions following the same tradition as surfboard design allowing shapes to be documented and then modified which brings a new level of accuracy within handplane design and evolution.

  • All Ecto Handplanes are made by recycling surfboards that are old, broken or snapped and would otherwise be destined for Australian landfills. The polyurethane foam core found in the centre of the surfboard is reshaped back into foam handplane shapes using a custom designed manufacturing technique. The recycled foam is then fibre-glassed locally in Australia like surfboards using polyester resins. The foam and fibreglass construction offers superior sliding characteristics and artwork decoration possibilities to that of other handplanes made from woods and plastics, such as inlaying fabrics.

  • The Ecto Handplane strap is fully adjustable from both plugs allowing the bodysurfer to fit their hand tightly to the handplane. The adjustable leash ensures the bodysurfer does not lose the handplane on the rocks if they are riding a shallow reef break, or a long distance from the beach. Both the adjustable strap and leash are made from neoprene that is both comfortable for the bodysurfers' hand and durable against consistent exposure to saltwater.

    All Ecto Handplanes have a genuine FCS plug installed on the nose so that bodysurfers' can capture all of their glorious waves and wipe-outs via a GoPro Camera, or similar. If the camera is mounted in the opposite direction they can also capture footage from a point-of-view (POV) perspective which is great when filming from within the wave, or capturing other riders out in the waves. This additional feature also promotes great marketing opportunities to connect with customers via photos and videos on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.